MakerKids Team

Designed and created by industry professionals and makers (NASA’s Singularity University graduate, engineers, entrepreneurs, teachers and speakers from Queen’s University).

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Jennifer Turliuk

Jennifer Turliuk


Jennifer’s work has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, Huffington Post, Fast Company, CBS national TV, and more. Her career highlights include doing marketing and PR for the Matterform 3D Scanner crowdfunding campaign (which raised over $471K – the most-funded Indiegogo campaign outside the US), helping build a 3D printer for a music video, launching an SMS-based disaster relief project during Hurricane Sandy, being selected as a Startup Chile entrepreneur (as part of a program run by the Government of Chile to foster entrepreneurship locally), creating her own self-education program which involved being 1 of the top 6 finalists in a competition to shadow Dave McClure of 500 Startups, leading the Canadian launch of Tide Pods (P&G’s biggest launch in 27 years), running Canada’s largest business plan competition (the Queen’s Entrepreneurs’ Competition), writing one of Forbes Greatest Hits articles, speaking on a panel discussion with Peter Thiel (founder of Paypal), doing a TEDx talk in Spanish, being invited to join MaiTai (a group of pro kiteboarders and entrepreneurs), and DJing for Red Bull. She attended the Graduate Studies Program at NASA’s Singularity University and business school at Queen’s University. In her spare time, she does independent marketing and strategy consulting and enjoys salsa dancing, extreme sports (such as kiteboarding), improv, 3D printing, and building electronic creations.

MakerKids STEM Instructor



Graham has been an instructor for many years, teaching kids at ScienceQuest at Queen’s University, City of Toronto science summer camps, and more. Graham also plans and creates MakerKids’ curriculum.

MakerKids STEM Instructor



Thomas is a passionate Minecrafter with a deep love of sci-fi, fantasy, puns and music! With 8 years of camp counselor experience and a lifetime of theatre, he always leads his sessions with an enthusiasm that is rivaled only by his students. After studying music in the Bachelor of Arts program at the University of Guelph he taught singing and piano for two years at Guelph’s largest private music school, started building his own Minecraft servers and coded his own band website.
Thomas is all about game design, fairness and fun. If you need help with balancing your video game or concepts for a project he is always on board to assist you. Thomas can also be frequently found on the MakerKids Minecraft server keeping the Makers safe and adding his own little details.


Eight years of camp experience, Bachelor’s of Arts (Music)


Minecraft, coding, servers and networks
MakerKids STEM Instructor



Hey there, my name’s Miranda!

I’m a graduate of Humber College’s 3D Animation, Art and Design program, so I have a flair for creativity! I dabble in a lot of different mediums – including Jewelry, T-Shirt design, and building in games like Minecraft!
I love listening to kids ideas, and helping their imaginations soar! Brainstorming, hands on work, and design are my specialties.


Jewelry design entrepreneur and business owner, 3D Animation, Art and Design program graduate


Hands-on design, multimedia work, video game design, visual design
MakerKids STEM Instructor



Hey guys, I’m Amy! I’m a passionate and creative maker with a love of working with kids. I have worked at a number of camps, working with such organizations like the Tim Horton’s Children’s Foundation and YMCA. I have a love for video games and coding, especially the artistic style – Pixel art. Using pixel art I create my own cross stitch patterns with photoshop!


I graduated from Humber college with a degree in Business Administration and completed an internship at Fan Expo Canada. I have taken campers on three-day long, backpacking hiking, where we learned how to co-exist with the environment!


I have experience with many coding languages, and I love getting to know all sorts of different people, because even though we all have differences, we all have amazing similarities of wanting to make the world into a better place!

MakerKids STEM Instructor



Hi all! I have over 6 years of experience in marketing with a huge passion for art and design. I have worked with kids as a Lunch Club Coach at Real Foods for Real Kids and have volunteered at many kids’ events like TIFF kids. I am also an illustrator and photographer. I am always discovering great new ways communicate, create and express ourselves.


I graduated from UBC with a Bachelor’s of Commerce, specialising in Marketing and International Business and have completed Art and Design Studio Certificate at OCADU. I love learning and you can always find me trying out new things.


Art, design, digital media, marketing and bringing people together!

Massimo Banzi

Board of Advisors

Massimo Banzi is the co-founder and CEO of the Arduino project and has worked for clients such as: Prada, Artemide, Persol, Whirlpool, V&A Museum and Adidas. He spent 4 years at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea as Associate Professor. Massimo has taught workshops and has been a guest speaker at institutions like: Architectural Association – London, Domus Academy, Medialab Madrid, Escola Superior de Disseny Barcelona, ARS Electronica Linz, Mediamatic Amsterdam, Doors of Perception Amsterdam. Before joining IDII he was CTO for the Seat Ventures incubator. He spent many years working as a software architect, both in Milan and London, on projects for clients like Italia Online, Sapient, Labour Party, BT, MCI WorldCom, SmithKlineBeecham, Storagetek, BSkyB and

Dale Dougherty

Board of Advisors

Dale Dougherty is the founder and CEO of Maker Media, Inc. in Sebastopol, CA. Maker Media produces Make Magazine, which launched in 2005, and Maker Faire, which was held first in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2006. MAKE has been the catalyst for a worldwide Maker Movement that is transforming innovation in the industry, hands-on learning in education and the personal lives of makers of all ages. MAKE invites everyone to become a maker, and integrate creative goals with technical skills. Dougherty was a co-founder of O’Reilly Media, where he was the first editor of their computing trade books, and developed GNN in 1993, the first commercial website. He coined Web 2.0 in 1993. MAKE started at O’Reilly Media and spun out as its own company in January 2013. He grew up in Louisville, KY.

Christine Gauthier

As an advisor to Maker Kids, Christine acts in an advisory capacity bridging Maker Kids to Corporations for the purpose of growing partnerships. Christine brings a wealth of large and small company experience in the area of Sales, Marketing, General Management and Business Development. Christine holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from Concordia University. She has held Senior Leadership roles at Hewlett Packard as well at Cisco, Nortel Networks as well as Marketing and Business Development in technology start ups. Christine lives in Bloor West Village with her husband Wayne and her son Cole who is an active Mentor at Maker Kids.

MakerKids Careers

Ignite a world of potential


Make an impact. Make amazing experiences for our community.


Learn new things and grow as a person.


We’ve been known to break into spontaneous musical singalongs or dance parties. Join the fun.

Our Values

Make Anything Possible

MakerKids fosters the skills and mindsets for kids to realize their potential and make anything possible for themselves! Soft skills: A) confidence, B) social skills and C) engagement. Technical skills: A) coding, B) design, and C) electronics. As a company, we are making anything possible: we’ve grown exponentially and provided great opportunities for team members to develop and grow.

Make New Friends

Kids, parents and staff make new friends, and together we make a community. We help kids develop social skills and meet each other.

Make Things Happen

We have a bias towards action. As a team we get things done, and in classes, we help kids to move beyond analysis to the prototyping phase and to take action in their lives.

Make The World A Better Place

We focus on (and encourage kids to focus on): social impact, helping others, making projects that help the world, and acting with integrity and safety. This is more than just a job for our staff – we care about the families that come to MakerKids and acting as positive role models for kids, providing great service to customers, and creating more leaders who can make the world a better place.

Make Something Awesome

We’re focused on making awesome experiences, making a great company, and helping kids make awesome projects: video games, motion-activated cat alarms, and more.

Feel Good About Where You Work

MakerKids Inc became a Certified B Corporation in 2015. B Corps are a new type of company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. B Corp certification is to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee or USDA Organic certification is to milk.

MakerKids Inc was certified by the non-profit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. We’ve evaluated how our practices impact our employees, our community, the environment, and our customers.

Today, there are over 1,300 Certified B Corps around the globe, including Etsy, Patagonia, and Ben and Jerry’s. We are proud to join them in redefining success in business, so that one day everyone uses business as a force for good. To learn more about our certification, check out our B Corp profile.

Together at MakerKids

It takes a team to build something great. Together we work hard, laugh hard, learn, play, and make. Join our Toronto MakerSpace just for Kids.

For me, working at MakerKids was much more than a job. It offered an unmatched opportunity to be at the forefront of a movement that is revolutionizing how we approach education. At MakerKids, I worked in unison with industry leaders, educators, and parents to create impactful change not only within the organization, but in the lives of children and youth. I credit my time at MakerKids with giving me the opportunity, confidence, skill set and ethic that is unrivalled by any organization.

Cole MacDonald

MakerKids encourages the personal growth of its employees and is a very nurturing and supportive environment. We all help each other, it feels more like we’re good friends than just colleagues.

The chance to make a difference in children’s lives – and to be that mentor that pushes them to give it another try instead of giving up – is so inspiring. MakerKids has taught me a lot about self-acceptance and not being afraid of failure.

It’s exciting to have a workplace I can feel proud about, and I find myself smiling as I tell others what we do. I am so glad to have found a place I belong. Thank you, MakerKids


Apply today and change the world.


Curriculum Designer – Toronto

Instructor – Toronto

Sales – Toronto

Instructor – Ottawa

Instructor – Markham

Instructor – Oakville