Spring is a time for new beginnings and renewal. You can see it all around; more sun in the sky and plants start to bloom from a cold winter. With more light and energy, the world starts to transition and shift. These positive changes can also be seen in people of all ages. It is the perfect time to start growing, learning and take on new activities! In fact, spring is when most growth spurts happen.

The environment around us can have an effect on our outlook, productivity and growth. It’s no wonder why spring has such a profound, motivating effect on us to explore new things and tinker with our goals. A part of growing up for kids, is trying new things on their own and being challenged. Children need the right support and push to help foster a positive, enriched and motivating growth experience.

Here are our top three things kids can do to excel this spring!

  • Try something new
    Trying something new involves creativity, taking risks and a bit of self exploration. Taking risks will help children discover what they like, what they shine in and be more open to different experiences. Kids also take ownership of their work and have a better understanding of success and failure.
  • Go outside and explore
    Woo hoo! It’s finally time to take advantage of the warm weather and head on outside! Parks and outdoor spaces are full of adventure. Kids can get their hands dirty, smell new smells, see new things and wander. Playtime and exploring their environments, natural or manmade, promotes imagination, creativity and uses the body and mind.
  • Set new goals
    With the new year behind us, spring is an apt time to revisit new year goals with your children. What are they doing well in? What do they want to do or accomplish next? Setting goals with your children empowers and transfer responsibility to them.

You can pick one or two new activities or goals. Go at your and your kids’ own pace; they may want to do more or less.

We still have a few spaces left in our Spring School Year Programs, including Robotics, Electronics, Advanced Minecraft and Videogame Programming. Our programs encourage children to think out of the box, take ownership of their work, build their self confidence and social skills. MakerKids is not limited to the growth of hard skills, but also extends to the development of a range of skills and behaviours that will allow kids to become happy, successful adults!

Spring into action and check out our Spring Programs!

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