In life, everything comes with a manual. From furniture you need to put together right down to your coffee maker, a manual is there to guide you every step of the way and to troubleshoot should a problem arise.

The same cannot be said about parenting.

There is no manual. One day this little person arrives and you’re supposed to figure out how to take care of him for the next 18 years.

Many times it’s a case of trial and error, hopefully with less error and more success! Sometimes you may be making a mistake and not even realize it. Check out these three common parenting mistakes you don’t even know you’re making.

  1. You make your children the center of your universe. Yes, your child is important and should receive attention. But, when you revolve your life around them, they can become self-centered. Makes sense, right? Be sure to give your activities and dreams just as much attention as theirs. This way they can see that everyone is on the same playing field. It’s important for children to understand that no one is more important than anyone else.
  2. Trying to live vicariously through your child. You may think you are simply encouraging your child. But, if you’re pushing your interests and goals onto them you’re not letting them find their own path. If you have regrets about never becoming a doctor, that doesn’t mean your child has to go to medical school.
  3. Shaming your child. You may think that actions speak louder than words, but words can sting and leave a mark. When you say things like, “I’ll never forgive you” or “I’m ashamed of you”, you’re only making your child feel like a failure. Their self-confidence gets taken down a notch each every time they hear words like those. Instead of shaming them, tell them what they need to do differently while letting them know that you still love them even though they made a mistake. By putting a different spin on things your children won’t feel like a failure and their self-confidence won’t suffer.

At MakerKids, we also strive to build children’s confidence through our various programming classes for kids and STEM courses for children. We let kids find their path and follow it. Through camps and classes, children feel empowered and ready to take on the world. To learn more about what we offer, contact us at 877-269-3495.

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