Chances are if you have a child of game-playing age, you’ve heard about Minecraft. But, the big question is, do you really know what it is?

To break it down, playing Minecraft is like using building blocks kids play with when they’re babies to make anything; it’s just on a more sophisticated level and also on a screen. Just as when you build with regular blocks, the sky’s the limit with Minecraft.

Minecraft is an open-ended game that gives each player the opportunity to play an entirely new game each and every time they log on. Those are the basics.

Here are three things you absolutely need to know about Minecraft.

There are different modes. There’s really no way to get bored with playing Minecraft. In addition to offering a new adventure each and every time, there are different modes. The Creative Mode lets players have limitless resources to build whatever they want. There’s also the Survival Mode where players have to explore the world and mine its resources to feed and defend themselves. If neither one of those is appealing, you can also join friends online and make your own rules!

There is a free version of Minecraft. We’ve all heard the saying “you get what you pay for”. This is true when it comes to Minecraft as well. If your kids are looking to get into Minecraft you may be tempted by the free version. But, big time gamers will tell you that you’re missing out if you settle for this version. If you splurge and buy the game (approximately $26) you’ll get all of the bells and whistles.

Minecraft is not just another video game. Before you dismiss Minecraft as “just another video game”, you should know that it truly does spark creativity. It forces kids to come up with their own creations to build everything from cities to functional clocks. You and your kids may be surprised at what gets created in this game. Minecraft challenges players in ways that other games do not.

At MakerKids, we know how much kids enjoy playing Minecraft and learning from it. That’s why we offer Minecraft classes and courses for kids. These are offered in a variety of formats including camps, private classes, and after-school programs. For more information on Minecraft courses and classes for children, contact us today!

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