When it comes to the internet, parents seem to have a love/hate relationship with it when their kids are involved. While the internet brings a plethora of information and technology right to their little fingertips, there are also dangers that lurk with one bad decision or one bad keystroke.

It’s these dangers that parents need to be aware of as their children search and click around a world that at times has no boundaries in place. That’s why it’s important for parents to set those boundaries as their kids use the internet.

Here are three things you need to know if your kids are using the internet:

Make sure they are keeping private information private. No matter what age your child is, tell them to never share their address, phone number, their school or anything else that would give predators access to their whereabouts. Someone who appears to be a “friend” can end up being anything but that.

Check online chats. If you allow your child to chat online for Minecraft tips, homework tips, or anything else, monitor those chats for any inappropriate behavior. If someone in the chat doesn’t seem legitimate, alert your children and the authorities. Your child may not realize it at first, but you may be savvier to this type of behavior.

Know your online game ratings. The Entertainment Software Rating Board assigns each game a certain rating, much like movie ratings. It lets parents know if a game is rated for everyone or if it has some mature content that kids shouldn’t be around. Only let your child play age-appropriate games. If you’re not sure if something is appropriate, try the game out for yourself first. Then you can judge whether it’s game on or off for your child.

At MakerKids we encourage a positive and safe learning environment when it comes to the internet and technology. We help children to develop real-world skills that may even lead them on a career path. From our coding classes to a variety of STEM programs for kids and robotics courses for kids, children can learn the ins and outs of computers and programs. If you would like more information on the variety of classes and programs, check us out online or call us at 877-269-3498.

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