When your child begins to show an interest in computers and begins to explore their interests, they may ask about learning how to code.

Coding is the process of telling a website, app or computer what you want it to do. As you can imagine, it takes some training and practice. But, once you learn it, it can lead to exciting opportunities.

Coding for kids is an excellent way for them to learn the ins and outs of programming as well as build their self-esteem.

If you want to help them to be successful in the process, here are some tips.

  • Help them find their area of interest. Coding can become more interesting when children are building something they like. Find out if they want to create a game or a web page so that their interest is held throughout the process. If you see they’re losing interest in their current project, ask them what would interest them more and let them gravitate towards that.
  • Let them do the work. As your child is learning to code, resist the urge to be too hands on. Avoid jumping in to type or click the mouse. While you may be trying to help by typing because you think you can do it faster, you’re really not helping your child learn. You can point to the screen to help speed things along, but don’t type and do it for them. They’re only going to learn if they do it themselves.
  • Join a club or program. Sure kids can learn to code and do it by themselves, but it’s much more fun when they’re doing it with other people. Not only is there the element of socializing with other kids, but kids also learn from other kids when they’re together. They can bounce ideas off of one another and speak to one another on their level. Peer to peer interaction is important for a child’s development. Why not let them get the best of both worlds by coding and communicating with one another?

At MakerKids we offer a variety of coding courses for kids. Kids can choose from after- school programs or camps to learn coding skills while also boosting their confidence. There are also private sessions available, so you’re bound to find something that suits your needs and schedule. Contact us today to find out how your child can successfully learn how to code and how that skill can open up new doors and opportunities.

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