The kids may not know it yet, but 3D printing is going to be a real revolution in their lives. Affected will be manufacturing, transportation, energy, cost of goods, and new products not thought of now. Our whole economic structure, demographics, jobs and careers, quality of life and lifespan may change.

For example, 3D Bioprinting – the future is close! Now being done: printing new bone, skin for burns, blood vessels, ligaments and nerves.  Coming soon: 3D printed organs, liver, heart, kidney and other body parts. (Think of it – will today’s kids, with renewed body parts, be able to live for 200 or 300 years?).


Check out some new trends and technologies on this site. Below is a picture (©) from this site of a possible printing of a heart.

Introduce your kids to 3D printing (no human parts yet) at a workshop. The future is theirs!

Dr. Jim Davison

Future Visions Bioprinter

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