We are having a 3 hour 3D design and printing workshop on Saturday Dec 15th at 11am. Online registration is active, you can sign up now!

During this class for kids aged 8 and up, you will first learn Sketchup, the 3D design program. We will download free models from Thingiverse.com and modify them, plus make our own models from scratch. Parents are welcome to sign up too if they wish!

The next step after you have made your model is to print it out! Our Makerbot Replicator will be going full steam to output test prints of your designs in any of the 10 different colours of plastic that we have.

After the class is finished, we will print out the full sized copies of your objects and you can pick them up at the shop any time. Ticket price includes all materials to print your object.
A news crew from Global TV is trying to arrange to come and take some video during the class, and interview the kids about their experience with 3D printing! We’ll take a short lunch break, so pack something to eat.

Sign up here: http://makerkids3d.eventbrite.com/

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