Have you ever wanted to try 3D printing in Toronto but don’t know where to go? Every Monday from 7-10 pm, we host an open shop program just for adults. Beginners are welcome, our staff can help you get started. http://www.eventbrite.com/e/maker-kids-at-heart-monday-night-open-shop-for-adults-tickets-7257271695

What can you 3D print on our 3D printer? Anything you can imagine and design!


  • 3D printed art
  • 3D printed jewellery
  • 3D printed phone cases
  • 3D printed moustaches
  • 3D printed decorations
  • 3D printed iPad stand
  • 3D printed board games
  • 3D printed household items
  • 3D printed tools and gadgets

Ever thought “If only I could make/fix _____________?”

Check out these links for inspiration for creating objects like a toothpaste pusher, a cherry pit remover, bike clamp for cellphone, 3D printed bracelets, and more!




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