The thought of children playing video games leaves some parents uneasy. Many wonder if the games are making their children anti-social, hurting their eyes or maybe even causing other physical problems.

While some parents could make an argument that those things could pertain to some video games, the same cannot be said about Minecraft.

Minecraft is different than many traditional video games so much so that it is even being used as a teaching tool in some classrooms to help with math and history lessons. If that’s not enough reason for parents to love Minecraft, here are four more.

Minecraft is safe. Unlike some video games that are graphic and bloody, Minecraft is void of drugs, bad language, and sexual content. While there is minimal violence, mostly for survival, it is not graphic. Even when children are playing on a multiplayer server, there are safety mechanisms in place so they are not in danger.

Minecraft makes children think. When children play Minecraft they are not passively sitting in front of a screen hitting a controller. They are working to constantly solve problems and be creative about it at the same time. Children are using their brains to remember things, plan them, and organize them. These are all skills they can use in the real world.

Minecraft encourages teamwork. While children can certainly play Minecraft by themselves, they’ll soon learn they’ll be much more successful if they work in a team. Being selfish in Minecraft will not bring children to victory, but working as a team can. Team building skills are invaluable as children get older and eventually get into the working world.

Minecraft develops computer literacy. The files that run Minecraft are accessible, meaning that players can modify them. This can spark a fire in children to learn more about computer coding. They’re learning how computers work and even how to make their own programs. These are skills that can last well past playing Minecraft and into the real world. Parents can further encourage their children to build upon these skills by finding coding courses for kids.

At MakerKids, we offer Minecraft classes for kids as well as computer coding and other STEM-related topics. These are available in a variety of formats, including after-school programs and camps. To find out more about Minecraft courses for kids and other programs at MakerKids, contact us at 877-769-6428. Find out how we’re helping so many students get on the pathway to success!

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