When adults hear that their kids are playing videogames many shrug it off as just another game and may even be concerned that their child is spending too much time playing. But, not all videogames are the same.

There are several that actually teach real-life skills that kids can use as they get older, ones that can also lead to a career. Minecraft and Minecraft animation programs fall under that category. One of the reasons why Minecraft has remained so popular is that it is multi-faceted and can keep children’s attention. Let’s take a look at five skills they can learn through Minecraft animation programs.

1. Creativity

Minecraft has two modes of play, survival and creative. In the survival mode, kids learn how to use materials like trees and coal to build shelter. In creative mode, the possibilities are endless. Kids can build all types of contraptions as they play and advance in the game. As you can imagine, this leads to many different types of structures. If a child can dream it, they can build it with Minecraft and Minecraft animation programs.

2. Computer Coding

You may wonder why your child should learn computer coding skills. Consider the fact that when it comes to the top tech jobs in Canada computer program developers and programmers are at the top of the list. Analysts say that coding and programming skills remain in high demand. When kids play Minecraft they are picking up computer coding skills two ways. They can begin by using the drag and drop method that allows them to visually see how to build. As they get older they can use Minecraft Modding with Java which teaches true computer programming.

3. Math

How does Minecraft help to teach math? If kids want to build a floor for example and it measures 4X4, they need multiplication facts to determine that they need 16 blocks to build it. There are also simple addition and subtraction facts needed to get the right measurements when you’re playing the game.

4. Engineering

If kids want to build a complicated maze, cornfield, or amusement park within the game, they’re going to use engineering skills. This requires measurement, shapes, and deciding how things are going to work. Although kids may not realize it, they are using engineering skills with Minecraft and Minecraft animation programs that are helping them build a foundation that could lead to a career path in the future.

5. Collaboration

When kids begin to play Minecraft, they quickly learn that there’s no “I” in team. Although they are playing the game for themselves, if they want to do well in the game, they need to collaborate with other players. Kids can play with their friends or with anyone in the world through servers. They quickly learn that when they work together they can achieve their goals much faster and advance in the game.

The next time your child asks to play Minecraft remember these skills that they are learning in the process. If you want to further these types of skills, enroll them in a MakerKids program. We have an entire program dedicated to the Minecraft game to teach kids core computer programming skills and how servers work. If you want more information on this and other programs we offer call us at 1-844-MAKERKIDS or visit us online.

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