Just because the school year has ended doesn’t mean your kid has to stop learning! Summer break can be a perfect time to exercise your kid’s brain.

1. Read with them or listen to podcasts

Reading books and listening to podcasts are a great way to keep your kid’s brain active. This can be a family activity – try reading a chapter every night before bed or listening to a science podcast while you’re making dinner together. Pro tip: Keep a dictionary close by so your kid can look up new words while they’re reading or listening!

2. Visit a science center

Science centers are like interactive museums, perfect for kids who love hands-on projects and exploring new worlds. Science centers often have special summer programming, so check out their events calendars for the perfect afternoon-outing. Pro tip: Some science centers have IMAX theatres, which show fully immersive films on a huge screen. Fly through space or dive underwater without leaving the center!

3. Attend a local event

Street fairs, food festivals, and local shows are an awesome way to get more involved in your community. Your kid can meet new people, try new things, and learn more about the place they call home. Pro tip: Our favourite keywords when looking for events, are “maker festival,” “hands-on,” “technology,” and “discovery!”

4. Take on a DIY project together

Now that you have some time, you and your kid can work on a big project. There are lots of how-to’s online that can help you make something awesome with everyday household objects. Here is a list of some super cool science projects! Pro tip: Dream big! Even big projects, like making speakers, are totally doable.

5. Enroll them in a summer class or camp

Camps and classes are a great way to introduce your kid to a new learning environment, and new ways to learn. There are tons of awesome camp options in Toronto. Talk to your kid about what they’re interested in and think about what kind of skills you’d like to be fostered in them. Pro tip: Find a program that teaches them technical skills as well as social skills, and that balances learning with fun!

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