Did you know that Monday, February 20th, is family day? Here at MakerKids, we strongly encourage parents/guardians to get together with their children and do something that is not only fun, but educational, too! What better day to try something new than on family day?

There are various activities that you and your child could do together. Below are three of our favourite ways to spend time together as a family in a fun and educational way!

Plant A Mini Garden

Family Day Activities
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Spring will be here before we know it. There’s no better time to sit down with your children and explain the life cycle of a plant. You can start with the seed and explain how a seed needs soil and water to grow. Once you and your child start to see the stem, explain what the stem does for the seed and the flower. This is a great way to introduce biology, working with your hands and patience.

If you’re unsure how to communicate the life cycle of a plant to your child, check out this post! One tip from us:

Let your child to pick out the exact flower or plant they want, as well as pot to plant it in. If you allow your child to think for themselves during this process, they’ll feel much more accomplished.

Spend A Day At MakerKids

Family Day Activities

MakerKids is designed to help teach children in a fun way. While your child is at MakerKids they’ll learn how to code, they’ll learn about robotics, and they’ll even learn while playing Minecraft. Not only will your child come home learning something new, they’ll learn the importance of teamwork and they’ll be able to hand craft their own inventions!

If you’re interested in what MakerKids has to offer you and your child, head on over to our website and check out our Family Day adult-child workshops! We have a robotics and video game making workshop! Stay a while later and join us for a demo of all the great things you can do in Minecraft.

Food Colouring Flower Experiment

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If you really want to wow your children, pick up some white carnations and food colouring. This simple science experiment will teach children that even though water hits their petals, plants drink from the water in the ground! Their roots absorb the water and it travels throughout the entire plant. You and your child can observe where they see the most color and why they think that part of the plant got the most water.

For tips on how to properly demonstrate this experiment, check out these simple steps. Note: Darker colours work the best. Pick up some red and blue food colouring for the best results!

What activities are you planning on doing with your children? Let us know in the comments below! We hope to see you and your child at MakerKids on family day this year!

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