During the COVID-19 pandemic, many schools are closed and kids are home taking part in distance learning. But, when their schoolwork is done, there is a lot of downtime. Since activities have been canceled as well, many kids are telling their parents that they’re bored. But, instead of looking at this time as “there’s nothing to do”, parents and students can approach it as “this is a time to learn new things”.

There are many activities out there for kids to try, including online coding classes for kids. Let’s take a look at how parents can keep kids busy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Get Creative

Being creative not only takes up time during the day but also helps to keep your child’s mind active. Some kids like to do art projects or crafts. Other kids do simple things like build forts in their houses. Find the activities that your kids like the most and let them do those. Some kids can get it going on their own, while others may need some initiation from you. Whatever the case, get in there with them. This will not only help them but will also allow you to spend more time with your kids.

Get Cooking

Many families have been commenting about how they’ve been eating healthier because they’ve been staying home more. Take this opportunity to get your kids in the kitchen to cook. Try new, healthy recipes together. For some kids, this is the first time they’ve actually tried cooking. It’s a vital skill that can be honed right now. We all know we have the time!

Get Outside

Parks and playgrounds may be closed, but your backyard or front lawn is not. Get outside with the kids and keep them moving. While it may be tempting to watch television all day, it’s crucial to get exercise. Set up a baseball or soccer game. Play frisbee. Have a race. Whatever type of exercise you choose, you need to just keep it moving. It’s also a good chance for parents to get involved too since many gyms are closed during this time. Get exercise with the kids and you’ll also feel better.

Get Writing

While writing a letter may seem strange to your kids, teach them the art form. Explain that before texts and emails, people would actually sit down with pen and paper and write a letter to their friends and family. You’ll blow their minds! Have them choose someone to write to and then get pen to paper. You can also get in on the action and write to someone you haven’t talked to in a while. It’s a fun exercise for everyone.

Get Online

Kids can also keep busy by spending time online learning new skills. Online coding classes for kids are one suggestion. Through these types of classes, like the ones offered at MakerKids, children learn how to code from the ground up. They start with basic skills if it’s something they’ve never done before and can work their way up as they get better.

The staff at MakerKids knows how to teach kids coding online so that they are successful and are having fun. If you want more information on online coding classes for kids, visit MakerKids online.

Remember, during this time everyone is looking for ways to keep busy. Use this time wisely to help teach your kids new skills that they can carry with them throughout their lives.

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