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About Affiliation


We want to fuel a revolution in education that advocates the pursuit of creation, not consumption — that focuses on engagement and initiative, not just numerical grades. We want robotics and coding in our classrooms, not just pen and paper. We believe that what you make is less important than how you make it, and that who you make with matters more than what gear you have. We know this can be done in little makerspaces and we’ve proven that the classroom is as good an environment as any for helping kids move from being consumers to being creators.

From the beginning, the MakerKids movement has provided a supplement to the prevailing learning establishments and their signature lecturing, consumption-based, memorization approaches to learning.

We promoted the ethic and aesthetic of the makerspace in large part to provide a home and refuge for our more innovative programming. Affiliates are not franchises. Our affiliates constitute a confederation of legitimate maker practitioners united around constantly varied, engaging, educational programming and pooling reliable resources under the globally recognized MakerKids name.

Today, with MakerKids programs all over the world, we see ourselves as part of a larger shift from the methods, outcomes, and principles of traditional learning methods to those of our innovative programs.

MakerKids affiliation is an Internet-based, grassroots movement started by MakerKids enthusiasts who wanted their own local MakerKids-equipped makerspaces, instructors, and communities. It has become a call to all who really care about making to get the car out of the garage, pick up some laptops, robotics materials, and some software, and try the MakerKids lessons. Inviting a friend to participate compounds the experience. Keep it up and before long you’ll need a bigger space. Write us an essay (application), license a name, set up a website, send us photos and you become part of the growing community of MakerKids affiliates.

Special Types of Affiliates


School Club: We encourage and welcome elementary school and middle school MakerKids Club Affiliates. To qualify for school affiliation, you must be on a school campus, training students only. If you plan on offering MakerKids classes or using the “MakerKids” name, you must first register with MakerKids. Please contact MakerKids at [email protected] for additional information, using the subject line “Request for Information about Affiliate School Clubs”.

Library Club: We encourage and welcome library MakerKids Club Affiliates. To qualify for library affiliation, you must be on a library campus. If you plan on offering MakerKids classes or using the “MakerKids” name, you must first register with MakerKids. Please contact MakerKids at [email protected] for additional information, with the subject line “Request for Information about Affiliate Library Clubs”.


Steps to Affiliation

1. Application

Complete the general information section and an essay.

2. Location

Provide the location of your affiliate.

3. Insurance

U.S. & U.K. applicants submit proof of insurance.

4. Payment

Submit payment for your first year as a MakerKids affiliate.

5. License Agreement

E-sign the annual license agreement.

6. Completed

Congratulations! You are an official affiliate.

APPLY NOW: Email [email protected] with the subject ‘Request for MakerKids Affiliate Application’ for a copy of our application.


The first step in the affiliation process is to fill out an application and write an essay. The essay should contain info about your background, what MakerKids affiliation means to you, why you want it, and what you want to achieve. It doesn’t have to be long or formal, but it should be from the heart.

The other informal step is to educate yourself and become a part of the MakerKids community. This can happen in many ways. Subscribe to and read the MakerKids blog, come to a seminar, and make friends with and visit other affiliates.




MakerKids Registered Programs are MakerKids affiliates recognized for their completion of both the introductory MakerKids Videogame Programming Certificate Course and the MakerKids Robotics Inventions Certificate Course. As a MakerKids Registered Program your kids’ instructors are required to pass and maintain an annual background check, have taken the MakerKids Course, and your affiliate enrolled in additional insurance. These requirements are advertised to prospective clients when your program is linked to our website and our logo is displayed on yours. Parents know you have taken steps to ensure the safety and best possible instruction for their children.

  • MakerKids Videogame Programming Certificate and MakerKids Robotic Inventions Certificate
    We require an applicant to be at least a MakerKids Videogame Programming Certificate holder and a MakerKids Robotic Invetions Certificate holder before applying for affiliation. We offer these Certificate Courses several times a year. Please check the Certification page for more information.
  • Proof of Insurance (U.S. and U.K. affiliates)
    U.S. affiliates will be required to submit proof of insurance. Insurance can be purchased from a variety of companies. You are required to send us a certificate of insurance (COI) with specific information – we will email you about this information once you have applied.
  • Website
    Once you are affiliated, you will need to have a live website before we will be able to link you on the MskerKids site. This is our primary vehicle for promoting you; therefore, we expect you maintain a good site. Please do not register a domain with the MakerKids name in it until after your affiliate application has been approved; MakerKids is a licensed trademark and its use without our prior permission is illegal. We have specific website requirements for licensed affiliates – we will email you about this information once your application has been approved. Please do not publish an affiliate website until after your affiliation paperwork has been finalized!


As of Mar 16, 2016, affiliation costs US$3,000 annually. Renewal fees are the same as your initial fees. Discounts are available for schools and libraries – please contact us for more information about this.

What You Get

Once your application is approved and we receive your paperwork, we’ll link to your website from the main page of MakerKids.com. Not only is your location listed on MakerKids.com as a Registered MakerKids Program, we will also refer new clients to you when they are looking for a program in your area – we constantly receive requests from all over the world for MakerKids programs. You will also have access to the private Affiliate Forum, where you’ll be able to interact with other affiliates and tap their knowledge and experience to help you thrive. Also, your affiliate will be considered for features on the main page if you send us high-quality, interesting photos and videos of your programs and events.

Apply now MakerKids

APPLY NOW: Email [email protected] with the subject ‘Request for MakerKids Affiliate Application’ for a copy of our application.