With schools closed and many activities canceled, kids are turning to online activities to keep them busy and to keep their minds engaged. Businesses that typically offer group activities are changing the way they do things so that kids can still take part, just virtually and online rather than in-person.

One of the many types of activities that kids can take part in online is coding classes. If you’re reluctant to have your child try an online coding class, consider these benefits of kids learning to code online. Just because your child is not learning side-by-side with mentors or other kids doesn’t mean that they are still not getting many rewards.

Benefits of Kids Learning to Code Online

They can channel their creativity. When kids can’t leave the house, they may run out of ways to channel their creativity. Arts and crafts can only go so far, and some kids are just not that into arts and crafts. One of the benefits of kids learning to code online is that they can be creative as they code and make new things. Coding allows them to make their wildest inventions come true.

They can meet up with other kids virtually. Let’s face it, being isolated and away from friends is difficult for everyone, but especially for kids. When they take part in online classes, they not only get the benefits of learning a new skill, but they also get to interact with other kids their age. While it may not be in-person, it’s certainly better than nothing!

They will get better at solving problems. Solving problems is a critical life skill, one that gets better with practice. What better way to practice solving problems than learning how to code? When kids take online coding classes, they see the problems on the screen and can visualize how to solve them to make things work. This is a skill that they can take with them into their classrooms when schools re-open.

They can use their online time productively. Since kids are spending more time home, many are spending more time online. Letting them take a coding class can give you peace of mind that they’re using their screen time wisely. Learning to code has many more benefits than watching videos online all day long.

Explore the Benefits of Learning to Code Online with MakerKids

At MakerKids, we know that kids still want to learn to code while they’re spending time at home. That’s why we’ve made our coding classes accessible online. Our experienced mentors are still available to teach your children coding while they’re home. For more information, log on to MakerKids or call us at 1-844-MAKERKIDS.

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