Summer camp season is just about here. From sports camps to art camps to eco-camps, there’s a camp for just about everything…including coding. For kids who love computers and the ins and outs of coding, summer coding camp is a natural fit.

If you’re not as convinced as your child, here are some benefits of sending your child to a coding camp that will have you running to registration.

  • Kids Learn a Valuable Job Skill

Sure they’re having fun, but kids also don’t realize that they’re also picking up valuable tools that will be key in the job market. Coding jobs are said to be growing more than ten percent than jobs in other markets. So, why not give your child the skills they need to be successful in the future? Start with summer coding camp and see where the path takes them.

  • Kids Learn Independence

Being able to work independently and solve problems on your own are key skills that everyone needs to learn. When kids learn to code, they learn how to work independently and figure things out when their ideas may not fly. They will learn how to solve problems to make their coding programs work. They can take these skills and apply them to other areas when problems arise.

  • They’ll Make New Friends as They Meet Kids with Similar Interests

Many kids who enjoy coding also enjoy the company of other kids who have the same interests. The may not have the opportunity to cross paths with these kids during regular school interactions. But, during a summer coding camp, they will. It’s important for kids to find others who are they share similar interest with, so why not at summer coding camp? All of the kids who enroll in these camps are there because they already have something in common. As the camp progresses, they’ll get to know each other and build friendships.

Is Your Child Ready for Summer Coding Camp?

If your child is ready for summer coding camp, then you need to contact MakerKids. Our summer camp teaches kids coding at their grade level. Our camps are divided into different age groups with appropriate topics and projects for each level. We have a 1:8 mentor to student ratio or better so that each child gets the individual attention they need to succeed. Call us today at 1-844-MAKERKIDS to find out why our summer camps are a must for your child!

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