Do you want your kid to learn how to code? If your child is interested in playing video games, then online Minecraft coding classes for your kids can be the best way to commence the coding journey.

Children love Minecraft, and it’s more than likely that your child is probably already into Minecraft. But Minecraft goes beyond video games. Its potential begins to unleash when your kid sits down to play, as it can build a fascination for coding and computer science in your child.

Learning to code young can give your kid an edge in all walks of life. Coding will prepare your kid more than most high-paying occupations. Moreover, it’ll improve problem-solving and critical thinking in kids to help them succeed in the present and future.

In this article, we will review three best online Minecraft coding classes for kids to help you choose.

If you don’t have time to read this article, you can check our comparison table with all the best programs at the bottom of this article.

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  • MakerKids, Create & Learn, and CodaKid help kids learn Minecraft coding in a fun and educational way.
  • MakerKids has an award-winning curriculum created by NASA Singularity University program alums with 1:1 private sessions with highly qualified instructors. MakerKids not only takes care of social-emotional and technical skills but also acts as a therapy specially for neurodiverse kids. 
  • Create & Learn offers interactive sessions with exciting challenges and projects for your child.
  • CodaKid offers interactive classes and post-class activities in live and pre-recorded online classes to help your kid progress with Minecraft coding.
  • With a unique and sophisticated curriculum, highly experienced teachers, social skills development, and inclusion of all children, MakerKids comes up on top.

What is Minecraft Coding?

Minecraft is a sandbox game developed and released in 2011 by Mojang Studios. Unlike traditional games, it gives you a platform to channel imagination and skills. You can think of it as a modern LEGO. 

Minecraft is constructed of 1×1 bricks. These may be converted into a programming language of 1s and 0s that instruct the program. Lines of code can send this binary language to the machine, which can customize Minecraft items and gameplay.

The fun part about Minecraft is making amazing machines that do whatever you want. You can make small to highly complex constructs using in-game resources and coding. These opportunities let your child see the endless possibilities coding can bring. As a result, your child will become interested in coding, a vital skill for the future generation.

Best Online Minecraft Coding Classes for Your Kids

In online Minecraft coding classes, kids learn basic coding step-by-step by modifying the game. They learn Java programming by learning to edit existing code and effectively code Minecraft Mods.  

Every participating kid can give and receive feedback on their doings. It’ll help kids to polish their skills and help their peers. Minecraft coding can be a great way to make learning coding fun and engaging for your kid.

Many online Minecraft coding classes are available for your kid. These classes can teach you coding easily and in a fun way. We have picked the three best online Minecraft coding classes for your kid after reviewing most of them. 

Let’s dive into it!

Best Online Minecraft Coding Classes #1 – MakerKids

Best Online Minecraft Coding Classes

We have tried our best not to be impartial in this review. But MakerKids, the pioneers of STEM education, is still the best option for your kid’s online Minecraft coding classes.

Quick Facts

  • Free Trial details: Free first class
  • Recommended age range: 6 – 13
  • Where the company is based: Toronto, Canada
  • Mode of learning: Online Live – 1:1, groups up to 5, and in-person classes


MakerKids’ Minecraft coding course offers both online live and in-person classes. Instruction is available in 1:1 private or group classes, having a maximum of five students per class. We offer classes each day of the week with at least 5 class times for every program.

Our award-winning curriculum, developed by NASA Singularity University program alums, ensures the best for your kid. It teaches children social skills along with technical skills. Thus, your child will excel in teamwork, problem-solving, creativity, and other future-ready skills. We teach computational thinking, a vital ability taught by less than 10% of schools.

best online minecraft coding classes

Best Online Minecraft Coding Classes

MakerKids has some of the best instructors for your kids. Our 7-step vetting procedure ensures the quality of our best-skilled and fun instructors. The instructors are subject to mandatory background checks, reference checks, and intensive training before joining MakerKids. As a result, less than 1% of applicants become our instructors.

Try our intro class for free. It’ll help you select among our programs and see your kid’s improvement within a short time.

Best for

MakerKids is one of the few platforms where children can learn about real-world applications instead of just theory. With the experience of more than 11 years, we know what is best for your kid. We have everything your kid needs and wants to learn.

Best Online Minecraft Coding Classes

While having fun in Minecraft, we teach youngsters STEM subjects like coding and robotics. If your kid likes Minecraft from playing or watching it somewhere, MakerKids can take it to another level.

Kids will also explore how far block-based custom coding can go and what mods can do if they work on all aspects of a long-term project with many interconnected components. It’s useful for passionate project-driven children.

We are inclusive to all kinds of children, such as kids with special needs, ADHD, neurodiverse backgrounds, etc. We look forward to celebrating children’s unique intellectually stimulating abilities.

Children don’t need much prior experience or advanced equipment to participate in MakerKids courses. If your kid has the motivation to learn, our instructors will take care of the rest.

Best Online Minecraft Coding Classes

Minecraft Coding Classes Offered

  • Mini Makers: Minecraft (Grade 1-2): Students learn advanced concepts like remote servers and commands as well as technical, social, and creative skills. No Minecraft experience is required.

  • Beginner Minecraft (Grade 3-5 & 6-8): Students learn how to build, plan, and code in Minecraft and collaborate with their peers to do projects. No Minecraft experience is required.
  • Intermediate Minecraft (Grade 3-5 & 6-8): Students learn circuit logic using Redstone, coding elements using command blocks, and 3D design using geometry and mathematics. Some prior Minecraft experience is required.
  • Advanced Minecraft: Resources and Mods (Grade 3-5 & 6-8): Students learn to add to and edit Minecraft’s underlying resources and files. Prior Minecraft Java experience is required.

Your kid can start any program anytime, and they will move up a level after completing all activities. You can check out the programs by booking a free class.

MakerKids Pros

  • More affordable
  • Flexibility in scheduling
  • Offers 100% money-back guarantee policy and make-up classes 
  • Customer service is very responsive
  • Has the best skilled, fun instructors
  • Psychologists-trained instructors prioritize children’s mental wellness
  • 1:1 Private classes help kids to flourish
  • Inclusive to all kinds of children
  • Kids can interact with each other and make friends
  • Teaches children social skills and improves confidence
  • Offers extremely affordable in-person classes in the Greater Toronto Area (Ontario, Canada)
  • Offers versatile programs, camps, and PA days for kids

MakerKids Cons

  • In-person classes are unavailable outside Greater Toronto Area (Ontario, Canada)
  • Does not provide on-demand video courses


  • Group Classes:
    • Weekly 1-hour: $129 / month ($32.25 / hour)
    • Weekly 2-hour: $199 / month ($24.875 / hour)

The plans allow flexible monthly payments. The student-to-instructor ratio will be 5:1 or better.

  • Private Classes:
    • Weekly 1-hour: $249 / month ($62.25 / hour)
  • Camps & PA Days:  
    • Daily 2-hour: $249/ 5-Day Camp. ($24.90 / hour)
    • Daily 2-hour: $199/ 4-Day Camp ($24.875 / hour)
    • 2-hour: $49/ PA Day ($24.50 / hour)
  • Parties:
    • $250 for 2-hour virtual parties ($125 / hour)

Additionally, you may choose your own program, camp, or party for you and your group.

Tips: You can get up to a 30% discount by signing up for the back-to-school program on MakerKids.


Parents like you have tried MakerKids for their children. They have shared their kids’ fulfilling experiences. Let’s look at some of them.

Best Online Minecraft Coding Classes #2 – Create & Learn

Create & Learn is a reputed STEM program. It teaches top-notch coding through Minecraft to children worldwide.

Quick Facts

  • Trial Period details: Free first class
  • Recommended age range: 8-14
  • Where the company is based: Palo Alto, California, USA
  • Mode of learning: Online Live classes of groups of 2-4


Create & Learn has a community of 60,000 successful students worldwide. Its classes are available in live-online sessions with a group of few students. The interactive classes, full of exciting challenges and projects, make it a fun experience for your kid.

The expert teachers are highly trained and subjected to thorough background checks. They have an experience of 3 years or more in their fields. Your kid will learn from some of the best instructors.

Best for

Create & Learn is dedicated to making the classes fun for kids. Its award-winning coding curriculum focuses on tailoring classes to every student’s needs. Teachers get the opportunity to give kids enough attention because of the few students per class. Your kid can ask questions and get help anytime.

Its user-friendly policies let you schedule classes at your convenience. Parents with busy schedules may find it a great option.

Minecraft Coding Classes Offered

  • Part 1: Students will learn to create and mod for Minecraft. Side by side, they will master important programming concepts.
  • Part 2: Students are taught advanced coding concepts. They can reflect their creativity while building projects using the core knowledge they’ll gain.
  • Part 3: Students are taught the most advanced coding concepts, like objects and libraries. They’ll get to make a far more complex project in this course. 

You can get them together by registering for the Full Course.

Create & Learn Pros

  • Passionate, experienced, and available teachers
  • Engaging classes because of few students per class
  • Flexibility in scheduling
  • 100% refund policy if classes are not satisfactory

Create & Learn Cons

  • Doesn’t offer 1:1 private classes 
  • No in-person options
  • Customer service is not very responsive
  • Classes are 50-55 minutes long, compared to 1-hour classes from competitors


  • Full Course: $315 for 12 sessions ($26.25/ session)
  • Part-based Course: $105 for 4 sessions of a part ($26.25/ session)


Here are some reviews of Create & Learn to understand it better.

Best Online Minecraft Coding Classes #3 – CodaKid

CodaKid is an online kids’ coding school and tech camp. It teaches kids to code through Minecraft using actual programming languages and professional tools.

Quick Facts

  • Trial Period details
    • Free first class
    • Free pre-recorded classes for 14 days
  • Recommended age range: 6-18
  • Where the company is based: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
  • Mode of learning: Online Live 1:1 and Pre-recorded classes


CodaKid teaches children essential 21st-century skills in Minecraft coding classes. It teaches students through a proven approach to getting them better results. 

CodaKid offers classes in both online live and pre-recorded means. There are interactive activities, chapter-end quizzes, and optional homework to help your kid improve. Every instructor has praiseworthy skills and experience in this field. 

Its curriculum is well thought out, specially curated, and all-inclusive. The courses start slowly and progress steadily, allowing students with little to no expertise to learn and catch up.

Best for

CodaKid teaches Minecraft coding using cutting-edge technologies, which helps prepare the students for the future.

CodaKid’s courses impart fundamental 21st-century skills to children. Its instructors are friendly and available to help the students anytime. They help kids through instant messaging and screen sharing. 

Besides the live online classes, CodaKid offers industry-leading pre-recorded classes. These are self-paced and backed by live support from a dedicated team. The classes are highly engaging as students want to receive badges by advancing.

Minecraft Coding Classes Offered

  • Introductory: Students are taught mod creation essentials and key concepts such as conditionals and loops.
  • Beginner: Students will design and code their own creatures and weapons to deepen their understanding of Java.
  • Intermediate: Students will create their custom blocks, 3Ds, armor, weapons, etc., by understanding methods, variables, and parameters.
  • Advanced: Students will learn about Artificial Intelligence and randomization. They will learn to customize their creature’s AI. They will also learn to design and code custom complex structures quickly.

Students can get the courses in both online live and pre-recorded classes.

CodaKid Pros

  • Teaches a range of topics, including Scratch and Roblox
  • A 14-day trial on pre-recorded classes lets you test CodaKid
  • Discounts are often available
  • Pre-recorded content is fun and engaging
  • Provides parents with a progress report

CodaKid Cons

  • Live classes are 50-55 minutes long, compared to 1-hour classes from competitors
  • No in-person classes
  • Limited mobile learning support 
  • Includes browser-based and downloadable software, making it lengthy and challenging
  • Customer service is not very responsive in case of pre-recorded classes


  • Solo Plan:
      • Monthly: $25 / month 
  • Yearly: $199 / year ($16.58 / month)
  • Family & Friends Plan:  
    • Monthly: $45 / month
    • Yearly: $270 / year ($22.50 / month)


Many parents and kids have given CodaKid a try. Here is what some of them have to say –

Closing Thoughts

So, now you know the 3 best online Minecraft coding classes out there. Minecraft coding classes can be a fantastic experience for children. Online platforms are heuristic and enjoyable. They can get interested in the perpetual possibilities of coding.

There are many solutions available, each with its advantages and downsides. Each option has a particular price point and quality. But, obviously, MakerKids takes the lead for us.

MakerKids offers a one-of-a-kind and well-thought-out curriculum for your children. The curriculum teaches students team-building and other necessary skills besides Minecraft coding. Unlike most other platforms, it is concerned with more than just technology.

MakerKids also accepts children with specific needs, such as ADHD or other neurodiverse conditions. It includes a curriculum that makes both children and parents feel successful. As a result, its well-designed courses can efficiently bring out the best in your kid.

Comparison Table

If you don’t have time to go through the article, you can check the table. It will help you decide which platform is best for your kid.


Items MakerKids Create & Learn CodaKid
Trial Details: Free first class Free first class Free trial period
Age Range  6 – 13 8 – 14 6 – 18
Location Toronto, Canada Palo Alto, California, USA Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
Modes of Learning Online Live (1:1 or Groups up to 5), in-person classes Online Live classes (Groups of 2-  4) Online Live 1:1 and Pre-recorded classes
Programs Mini Makers, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Full Course or individually each part of 3 parts  Introductory, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
Price  Moderate High High


Very responsive Not very responsive  Not very responsive

Computation Thinking

Yes No No
Link MakerKids Check out Create & Learn! Check out CodaKid!

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