Your child’s birthday is a special occasion, so you want to throw a party that’s fun and memorable. Chances are you’ve done the bounce house, the bowling alley, and the amusement center one too many times as a birthday party location. If you’re looking for a new option that will have all the kids talking on Monday, we have the perfect choice.

Throw your child’s next birthday party at MakerKids. Yes, besides our awesome after school programs and camps, we do birthday parties too! MakerKids are fun and educational at the same time. You can choose from a coding, robotics, or Minecraft activity for your child and guests. During the party, each child will create their own invention. From video games to Minecraft contraptions to night lights, it’s a party they’ll remember each time they look at the project they’ve made.

How do our birthday parties work?

All of our birthday parties are two hours long. Parties are held after school and on the weekends. We can accommodate up to 30 children ages 6-13. Let us know how many children are coming ahead of time so we can prepare for them. We like to have a 1:10 mentor to student ratio or better. We always want to make sure we have enough staff on hand for your party so that each child gets the proper attention.

We have a kitchenette on site so you can bring your own food and cake for the party. Each party is structured so there is enough time to do the project, eat, and explore our Inspiration Station.

If you’re not sure what type of party to book, take a look at what to expect within each area.

  • Robotics Party – Each guest in our robotics parties will design, plan, program and build their very own invention. They will learn to use an Arduino and code as they create their own robot with LEDs and lights.
  • Coding Party – During our coding parties, kids will learn how to make their own videogames while they play some too!
  • Minecraft Party – Our Minecraft parties give kids the chance to enter a virtual world and build cities, space stations, or castles. Advanced multiplayer Minecraft parties are also available.

Are you ready to party at MakerKids?

If you’re ready to book a birthday party your child will never forget, call MakerKids today! We’ll go over all the details and help you choose which type of party to book if you can’t decide. Find out why we’re rated as one of the top ten awesome places to have a birthday party in Toronto! Call us today at 1-844-MAKERKIDS!

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