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Robotics Programs

Design the world around you! In our Robotics programs, kids design, plan, program, and build electronic inventions while using a virtual robotics microcontroller (the same microcontrollers used by industry professionals) and learning how to code. Kids better understand how everyday objects around them work and have the opportunity to bring their ideas to life. Kids use online robotics simulator technology to learn how to make electronic creations that they previously only dreamed of. Wire up circuits, make virtual lights light up, design solutions to real-world problems, learn about a variety of electromagnetic concepts, and code a virtual ‘robot brain’ to make something awesome. Kids see the results of their code before their eyes. They realize that they can make things that others can use. Kids exercise creativity by developing project ideas, learn to design projects for specific user needs, and give and receive feedback on their designs. These skills will help them learn to build projects such as nightlights, motion-activated alarms, rovers, and more.

Skills Learned: Self-Confidence, Creativity, Teamwork, Coding, Electronics, Math, Reading, Writing, Design

Kids can start into a level at anytime. They will advance to the next level once they have finished all the activities in their current level.

Beginner Robotics

Kids will learn everything they need to know to code their very own robotics projects using industry-leading virtual microcontrollers: the Arduino and the MicroBit (sponsored by BBC. With the help of easy-to-use block-based online coding interfaces, kids experience a very capable and rewarding introduction to robotics. Basic circuitry and programming concepts are also covered to give students a good foundation for more complex components and coding structures later on.

Grades 3-5 & 6-8

No robotics experience required

Intermediate Robotics

With kids comfortable using robotics interfaces and a number of projects under their belt, more fundamental robotic programming structures are tackled. After covering conditional statements and a few other slightly more abstract coding tools like variables, the intermediate section moves through component after component teaching kids what they do, how they work, and then presenting projects that they can utilize them in.

Grades 3-5 & 6-8

Some prior robotics experience required.

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