MakerKids Bring a Friend

Does your child want to share an invention they made? Do they want to build something amazing with their best friend?

Your child is invited to bring a friend to one of their classes!

This is a great way for your child to showcase what they’ve learned and share the MakerKids experience. Bringing a friend can foster different perspectives, creativity and confidence. Benefits of bringing a friend or sibling:

  • Builds confidence and self-esteem
  • Fosters social skills, communication and teamwork
  • Good for new students who might be anxious or shy

After showing off their project, your child will also be encouraged to guide their friend through the basics of their chosen program or help them complete a beginner project. Learning how to guide their friends without doing it for them will help them to solidify the foundations they have already learned and our Maker-Mentors (Instructors) will help both of them with the valuable communications skills necessary to progress.  Who knows, your child may discover the desire to become a Maker-Mentor when they are older, much like the Makers from the past years who went on to do just that!

Details: We will need to know which class they want to join, and have their parents fill out a form with their name, emergency contact information, etc. Their friend must be in the same age group (e.g. Grades 1-2, 3-5 and 6-8). We will have laptops, all the tools and supplies ready.

Spaces are limited in class. Let us know as soon as possible. Due to limited space in some of our classes, if a class is full maker-members may be invited to bring their friend to a trial class instead.

  >>> To reserve a spot, please fill out the form below for the location where your child is a member.

See you soon!

Note: if none of the ‘Bring a Friend Week’ dates work for you, we also have limited availability for Bring a Friend visits throughout the year – members may bring guests for a FREE first class, space permitting.

Sign Up for Bring A Friend Today:

Don’t just tell your friends – bring them!

During our Bring a Friend events, kids in our membership programs are invited to ask a friend if they’d like to come to a class with them. It’s a chance for kids to show off what they’ve been making and for their guest to try MakerKids out with a friend to guide them.

Check with your local location to find out when the next Bring a Friend focused week is scheduled to run there. Space is limited! Find a friend, let them know which class and time-slot you attend in, figure out which days you can both come, and finally have them fill out the bring a friend form below. We’ll then let you both know if a spot could be booked for them.

Stay connected to be informed of when Bring a Friend is happening, and give us a call anytime if there is someone you know would be a great fit for MakerKids to see if we can squeeze them into class with you.