As an adult, you know how important trust is in relationships. But, that just doesn’t go for adults. Trust is also an important factor in our relationships with our children. While we want to be able to trust our kids, we also want them to trust us. Building trust with your child is not only an important part of your relationship with them, but it also helps in so many aspects of their lives.

Here are 5 ways to build trust with your child and keep it!

1. Listen to Them

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Many times we think we are listening to our kids when in reality we’re only hearing them speak. We’re hearing the words come out of their mouths, but we’re not actually listening to what they’re saying. Many times they’re saying things that are important to them. Listening to them can let you know what they’re feeling as well as what’s going on in their lives. If your child knows you are listening to them, they’ll be more likely to trust you with their words and feelings. They’ll also feel more comfortable letting you know something is wrong.

2. Keep Your Promises

Many kids have great memories when it comes to promises their parents make. If you tell your child you’re going to do something, even something as simple as take them to the park, and you renege on it, your child will begin to feel as though they can’t trust you to keep your word. This is not only disappointing to them but also teaches them that it’s okay for people not to keep their promises.

On the flip side, if you do keep your promises, your child knows you are true to your word and they can trust you. Over time, this will build a trusting relationship with your child.

3. Tell the Truth

Kids like to copy what they see adults do. If your child witnesses you lying, even if it’s about something unimportant, they’re going to learn that mom or dad doesn’t always tell the truth. Telling the truth builds trust. Always tell your child the truth and let them witness you telling the truth to other people. These are life lessons that will also build character.

4. Be Open with Them

Be open with your child about your fears and your shortcomings. This will make them feel better about theirs and will also build trust between the two of you. You don’t have to share your deepest thoughts, but having an open line of communication will help your relationship.

5. Take Time to Connect with Them and Get to Know Their Interests

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When your child sees that you are interested in their activities, they’ll begin to trust you and share more details. This can help you to not only get to know them better but also help you find other activities they’ll enjoy.

Taking time to connect with them means sitting down and really listening to what they’re telling you about their favorite activities and checking them out too. Let them show you what they’re doing and why they enjoy it so much. You may want to try it too! You’d be surprised at all that kids can teach adults about so many different topics. 

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