If you think about robots and robotics classes, your mind may immediately go to little machines that can do things for us and hopefully make our lives easier. While children may take robotics classes to learn how to build these machines and more, you may not realize the number of math skills that go into being successful at robotics classes. Let’s take a look at these math skills and how robotics classes can help your child build their math skills.

What is Taught in a Robotics Class?

At robotics classes at MakerKids, children learn how to design, plan, program, and build electronic inventions. They get a better understanding of how the things around them work and how to make their ideas come to life.

What Types of Math Skills are Needed for Robotics Classes?

There are several math skills that are essential for succeeding in a robotics class. These include:


How is your robot going to look? What sizes are the parts that you’re going to need? For example, if your robot is going to have wheels, what size are those wheels going to be? Kids will need to find out the circumference and area. Also, many robots have parts that move at different angles. They’re going to need to know the difference between an obtuse and right angle if they want those parts to work correctly.


To determine the size of the parts that are needed, kids will need to measure the items they’re going to use and make sure they fit. This means that if a 12-inch piece is needed, you can’t just make it work with one that’s 13 inches. Precision in measurement is key. Taking a robotics class will help your child learn the importance of measuring things accurately. If they don’t, they’ll end up with robots and projects that just don’t work as they should.


While you may think that algebra is only for older kids, think again. Algebra is needed to find patterns between different parts that are used in robotics projects. As children get more advanced, they can use algebra to determine the speed and power of their robots and their parts.

At MakerKids children in grades 1-8 can work on all of the math skills mentioned in our robotics classes. Classes are taught on grade level, so there’s something for everyone. Call 1-844-MAKERKIDS today and let your child see their robotics projects come to life while brushing up on those important math skills.

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