There are so many activities out there for kids to try that it can be hard for them to decide which ones they really want to focus on. STEM-related activities are among the activities that are out there for them to choose from. Coding for kids as well as robotics and engineering are all great activities for kids to try.

If your child is new to the STEM-field, let’s take a closer look at coding and five reasons why your child should learn to code.


What is Coding?

Coding is a computer language that gives the computer instructions. Coding is used to create so many things like computer software, websites, apps, and video games. Many kids don’t realize this, but as soon as they do, they become even more interested in learning about coding.

Reasons to Learn Coding for Kids

There are several reasons why your child should learn to code. Check it out!

1. Coding Challenges Kids

Children should always be challenged so that they can reach their fullest potential. Coding does that and also teaches them to be resilient when things don’t work out during the first go-around.  Many times their first attempt at a coding project will fail. Instead of quitting, kids quickly learn that they need to keep going and find new ways to do things to succeed.

2. Coding Teaches Logical Thinking

As kids learn to code, they pick up logical thinking skills. They see a problem and learn how to break it down to solve it. This is vital to solving coding problems as well as other problems in life. Many people don’t realize all of the life skills that coding can teach kids.

3. Coding Teaches Kids to Solve Problems

With those logical thinking skills comes the ability to solve problems. Many times kids will look at a problem and decide that it’s just too hard. But, if they start to look at in different ways, they realize that it can be solved. This out of the box thinking is something that kids develop as they learn to code.

4. Coding Shows Kids That Math is Fun

How many times have you heard a child say they don’t like math? With coding, kids learn that math can be fun. It can help them develop a cool video game or other projects. Without math, many of these things would never exist.

5. Coding Provides Future Skills

Coding for kids gives them the skills they need for the future. Computer skills are in high demand. If kids can start learning when they’re young, they will be one step ahead of the game and their peers. Knowing how to code will give kids the skills they need to be competitive in the job market.


Coding for Kids at MakerKids

If you want your kids to reap these benefits and more, try coding for kids at MakerKids. We offer programs for kids in grades 1-8, all geared to their specific age group. Children work with mentors who can help them build their skills and answer their questions. We offer in-person and virtual classes, so there’s something for everyone.

Call MakerKids today at 1-844-MAKERKIDS to learn more or check us out online.

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