The world of coding is beneficial for all kids, but it can be especially good for kids with autism. Coding opens up a new world for them, one that can lead to so many exciting paths and teach them amazing new skills in the process. 

In this article, we are going to take a look at:

  • Why Coding?
  • The Benefits of Coding for Kids with Autism
  • Getting Started with Coding

Why Coding?


Coding is the language that tells computers what to do. Coding is what makes it possible for apps, websites, and computer software to run. During coding classes, kids learn these important skills and much more.

Besides these skills, coding also teaches kids how to solve problems and think out of the box to get those solutions. Because of this, coding is also known to stir kids’ creativity. You have to be creative to solve problems and get your project to work properly.

Coding also teaches kids how to work together. Some projects will require kids to work together or at least bounce ideas off of one another. This is a life skill that is much-needed as kids get older. When kids are collaborating, they need to learn how to take and give criticism constructively. It can be hard at first but is a skill that they carry with them their entire lives.

The Benefits of Coding for Kids with Autism

While coding has benefits for all kids, it can be especially good for kids with autism. Coding for kids with autism is beneficial because children on the autism spectrum are often logical in nature. They often like activities that require precision and repetition which coding does.

They also enjoy it when things are predictable. When situations are unknown or chaotic, they may become stressed. Coding is predictable because you’re programming the computer and you know what the outcome is going to be as long as the code is written correctly.  Children with autism are also visual learners which can help them to learn to code.

There are also other benefits of coding for kids with autism:

Builds Self-Confidence

If children are feeling uncertain about their abilities, coding can help to build them up. As they learn to code and realize that they can solve problems, they will begin to feel a boost in their self-confidence. 

Learn How to Deal with Failure

Everyone can use a lesson about how to deal with failure a time or two. Coding for kids with autism teaches them that. They learn that their first attempt may not be the winning one, but as they revamp their plans, they realize that failure can lead to success.

Teaches Job Skills

While coding and STEM may start as a hobby, they can lead to a job down the road. As kids become more interested, they may want to pursue the field as a career. The good news is that there will likely be plenty of jobs for them in the STEM field because it continues to grow. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be more than 1.3 million job openings that require computer science skills by 2022. This number is expected to climb.

Getting Started with Coding

child at computer

If you’re interested in coding for kids with autism, you can see if there are classes offered at your child’s school. Some free websites can help your child get their feet wet when it comes to coding.

The best way to help get your child interested in coding is for them to take classes from experienced instructors. At MakerKids, we offer coding classes for kids in grades 3-8. Our online classes are taught by the best in the business. All of our instructors are experienced and are ready to help guide your child when it comes to learning the basics of coding and beyond. For more information on coding classes, visit us online or call us at 1-844-MAKERKIDS.

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