Summer camps are more than just a way to keep kids busy and make new friends—they’re also a gateway to valuable learning experiences that extend beyond the classroom. Our coding camps and classes cover a range of coding topics, providing a fun introduction to skills now integrated into Ontario’s curriculum. Participating in our camps can give children an edge when they return to school, as districts increasingly recognize the importance of coding education. These classes impart skills that are highly applicable in real-world settings. At MakerKids, we take pride in offering top-tier coding camps that not only introduce children to the thrilling realm of coding but also prepare them for future opportunities.

What Do Children Learn at Coding Camps?


Coding camps teach kids everything they need to know about coding their own game. They learn:

  • Character development
  • Storyboarding
  • Animation
  • Environment and level design
  • Beta testing

During coding camps and coding classes, kids learn how computers work as they exercise their creativity and discover that the sky’s the limit when it comes to what they can create. Coding from an early age helps to give kids an advantage if they choose a STEM career. They not only learn how to code which is an invaluable lesson, but they also pick up these skills:

Math Skills

During coding camp, children learn how letters and numbers work together. Being able to grasp math concepts will make it easier for them when they return to school.

Coding makes it easier for children to grasp math concepts. Learning how letters and numbers work together is a valuable skill that coding can help with. As children work on their coding skills as part of the curriculum, math concepts should become easier for them in the classroom as well.

Reading Skills

When children participate in coding camps, they learn communication, reading, and comprehension skills because those are vital to the coding process. They have to figure out how to connect various theories as they learn to code. These literacy skills can translate in the classroom during English courses as children learn to connect what they are reading to increase their comprehension of what they are learning.

Problem-Solving Skills

As students learn how to code, they will quickly see that they need to solve problems as part of the process. Not everything is going to be perfect on the first try. As they work to make things right, they also improve their problem-solving skills. This is something that can help them as they learn science and other subjects in school.

Storytelling Skills

Through coding, students learn how to create their own stories. They make their own games and develop their characters. Through their coding projects, they can tell a story that translates to others. This skill is something that can benefit them as they learn how to improve their writing skills in other school courses.

When kids take part in a summer coding camp, the skills they learn will help them in the classroom, especially since coding is now part of the school curriculum in Ontario. They can bring what they’ve learned during the summer so that they can have an advantage over their peers.

Camps at MakerKids

Coding camps at MakerKids focus specifically on coding skills. Coding topics to promote a well-rounded camp experience. Our idea incubator STEM camp, mini makers camp, and Minecraft camp are all excelling ways for children to learn other coding skills. Since they cater to different age groups, children are constantly learning new skills and growing.

Coding Camp

Coding camps are available for kids in grades 3-8, teaching the coding skills we mentioned above such as character development, beta testing, and more.

Incubator STEM Camp

Also available for kids in grades 3-8, the Idea Incubator STEM camp allows children to learn about coding, robotics, and Minecraft.

Mini Makers Camp

Geared towards kids in grades 1 and 2, Mini Makers introduces kids to coding, robotics, and Minecraft, allowing them to work on daily projects in small groups.

Minecraft Camps

Utilizing Minecraft as a base, these camps for kids in grades 1-8, introduce coding and robotics as kids learn how to build amazing digital creations.

No matter what camp you choose for your child, all of our camps have built-in screen breaks where kids can eat, socialize, and play outside. We believe in providing children with a well-rounded camp experience.

If you’re interested in learning more about the coding camps MakerKids offers and booking a space for your child, call us today at 416-385-3577 or reach out to us online.

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