We’re getting down to the wire here at Maker Kids. With only 2 weeks left before presentations, things are getting exciting.

Zack has made some great progress this week. After doing a bit of independent study and research, he was able to pair and wire up his new R/C system. It is now ready to be installed into the shoe.

Here’s Zoe using a very cool new tool called a Thin Air Press. Orriginally designed for laminating skate board decks, she is using it to laminate her bow. The thin air press is made by a local company called RoarRokit.

Danielle’s convertible shoe is coming along quite nicely. She has been working independently according to her own plan since day one and we are all very impressed with the results.

Zhen and David have been making great strides towards their cotton candy machine. Here we see them drilling the fill hole on the extruder.

Allessandro is getting quite proficient with the hand saw as he cuts the swing arm for his catapult.

Here, Tea learns to use tin snips to cut the lip off of a metal bowl for her chocolate fountain.

Stay tuned because things are about to get interesting.


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