Join us for a day of making and creating! Our 2 workshops are designed for both adult and child. We also have drop in sessions after our workshops for you to learn more and advance your inventions.

Our kids STEM programs teach and encourage a wide variety of skills. Soft skills: A) confidence, B) social skills, and C) engagement. Technical skills: A) coding, B) design, and C) electronics.

All workshops are for children 8-12 and they must be accompanied by an adult. You may invite additional family members as well! (All materials provided. Please bring nut-free snacks).

Robotics Workshop 10am-12pm
Do you like building things and understanding how they work? Have you ever wanted to make your own robot?

In our Robotics workshop, you will design, plan, program, and build an electronic invention while using an Arduino and learning how to code. Kids will understand how everyday objects around they work will have the opportunity to bring their ideas to life. Sound and light will be the focus! You will work with lights, LEDs, buzzers and more.

Hacking Robotic Inventions – Open House Drop In 12-1pm

Are you interested in building and taking apart robotics? Learn the ins and outs of robotics in our open house. You will be able to create robots that light up and make sound, while learning how to code and construct with Arduinos, an industry used microcontroller.

We will host a 30 minute parent presentation at 12:30pm. Meet the team, ask questions and learn how MakerKids came to be!

Intro to Video Game Programming Workshop – 1:30pm-3:30pm

In this workshop, you and your child will use Scratch and Stencyl to design your own video game and app. You will learn about game design, graphic design, animation, and how to test and launch games. In Scratch, kids will learn how to develop their own character, animate it and understand key video game concepts. You will then progress to Stencyl, a professional game design platform, to enhance your game knowledge, add in more behaviours and learn higher level coding.

Hacking Video Games – Open House Drop In 3:30-4:30pm

Do you like video games? You’ve probably played Super Mario before! During our open house session, we will show you have to hack Super Mario in Scratch. You will then have the chance to design your own platform level in Stencyl, a professional game design program.

In our Minecraft programs, kids will do so much more with Minecraft than you realized they could. Minecraft for kids is an amazing way to learn new skills and make new friends. We will show you all the amazing things you could do in our interactive demo (run your own server, create contraptions with Redstone and textures).

We will host a 30 minute parent/guardian presentation at 4pm. Meet the team, ask questions and learn how MakerKids came to be!

Register here!

You may sign up for both workshops. Drop in open house sessions do not require sign up. Each registration includes 1 child (8-12 years old) and one adult. You may add additional people ($10 each).

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