Welcome to our second installation of Featured MakerKid, where we highlight some of our MakerKids Graduates. They create some great things in class, but they make even more amazing things outside! Meet Noel. We’re super impressed by his Minecraft club.

Name: Noel Hand

Program Taken At MakerKids: March Break Camp, 2016, 10 years old

Current Age: 10 years old

What do you like about MakerKids:

I like the freedom to make and do whatever I want to. I like the people there, because they are super nice and willing to help with a project. I love all of the equipment, because it’s cool, and is equipment like drills, saws, laser cutters and dremels that I wouldn’t have the chance to use everyday at home.  

What have you been up to?

I worked with a partner to make a laser for my school’s science fair.  I help run the Minecraft Club at my school, on Thursday lunch hour. I help some kids do things in Minecraft and I make Minecraft maps that often get destroyed! I am working on building an RC submarine and hope to have it ready to use in my Grandpa’s pool this summer. I’m trying to source all the RC parts at an electronics surplus store that I sometimes go to.

On the weekend, when I was camping, I made this ship using a foam knee pad, a plastic duck watering can, duct tape, a small plastic planter (as a bridge that holds one of my small stuffed animals), some foam strips and an empty duct tape roll.  

I just love planning and making!

MakerKids Coding Student

Noel’s amazing ship!

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