It’s week 5 of our program at Maker Kids and now that we’ve worked out the bugs in our designs and chosen our materials, we’re making some good headway on our projects.

Seeking some design advice from our guest lecturer Foad Hamidi about a drive system for their shoe. Foad is a PHD candidate at York University and is developing toys and new interfaces for children.

Foad showed us a project he is working on, the Synchrum. It’s like a Tibetan prayer wheel in that you spin a weight around that is inside the circles at the top. This interrupts a light beam, and an Arduino in the container at the bottom transmits this information to a laptop using an XBee transmitter. The laptop has a music program on it that makes a cartoon dance faster the faster you spin the Synchrum. The volume of the music also increases as you spin.


Taking measurements for her automatic clothes heater.

And cutting said measurements with a mitre box.

Fleshing out some final details on The Marsh Mellow Bow and Arrow.

And finally, this is the beginning of assembly for The Cup Cake Catapult.


More news to come!


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