Here at Maker Kids, our philosophy is that the kids need to be 100% involved in every aspect of the project that they choose to realize. From planning through to execution, they have full control over the project. This of course means picking up a few skills along the way.

Like  Allessandro learning about scale ratios and doing the math necessary to scale up a model catapult, or Bailey doing experiments to find the best pivot point for maximum speed and acceleration on a lever. It’s really amazing to watch what kids can do when given the right direction.

Here we find Danielle adding padding made of a recycled scarf to her shoe project.

In this picture we see Zach & Jonah working together on the electronics for their project after a quick practical lesson on R/C wiring.

And finally Zoe conquering her fear of the dreaded jigsaw in order to make the mould for her bow and arrow. All under the watchful eye of teacher Paul.

This week we learn that by making, we can’t help but increase our expertise, and in doing so increase our confidence and independence.


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