Franchise FAQs

How Did MakerKids Get Started?

After spending time in the corporate world, Jennifer Turliuk was ready for a career change and wanted to make more of an impact with her work. She was accepted from thousands of applicants into a program based at NASA called Singularity University, where she learned to apply exponential technologies to education. She had spent the better part of a decade working with kids, and wanted to run a makerspace for kids in the Toronto area to empower them to have better lives. The business received enormous media attention and many requests for franchises. MakerKids was selected from 400 applicants as the next top franchise concept, as winner of the NextGen in Franchising Competition at the International Franchise Association – and then began franchising. Choosing to focus on children’s personal development with the programs and camps, Jennifer is thrilled to share the opportunity to change children’s lives with you.

How Many Employees Does A Typical MakerKids Location Have?

A typical store will employ around 5-20 employees – one General Manager, one Head Maker-Mentor, and 3-17 Maker-Mentors. Many Maker-Mentors will be part-time employees, and often they are students.

How Much is MakerKids’ Franchise Fee & Royalty?

The franchise fee to own a MakerKids is $30,000 with 8% royalties and 3% to a brand marketing fund.

How Much is the Initial Investment of Opening a MakerKids Location?

The total investment necessary to begin operation of a MakerKids Business ranges from $150,000-$555,000. This includes the $30,000* that must be paid as an Initial Franchise Fee to the franchisor. If you enter into a multi-unit agreement with us, the total investment necessary to begin operation of at least two stores ranges from $300,000-$1,100,000. This includes the $55,000* that must be paid as an initial multi-unit franchise fee to the franchisor.

The franchise fee must be unencumbered (cash or liquid assets) in addition to $100,000 working capital that must also be unencumbered. This remaining amount may be financed through various lending programs offered by the chartered banks, providing, of course, the candidate meets the normal borrowing requirements. The specific cost of MakerKids startup costs will depend upon the MakerKids building size and the required furnishings and equipment to be installed. The cost of MakerKids startup costs may exceed $150,000-555,000 in certain locations due to higher development costs.

*Subject to change without notice

Does MakerKids Offer Support if I Have No Business Training?

Yes! Our home office team is truly amazing and here to help you any step of the way. We love working with and supporting our franchisees and make the promise to go above and beyond to make our MakerKids family feel supported. Our Franchise Business consultants will work closely with you and will visit your store regularly to help you grow your business!

What Qualifies Me To Be A MakerKids Partner?

While economics are important, we are in the business of partnering with the right people, not the right financials. Our founder spends one on one time with each prospective partner to get to know them and make sure there are synergies and common interests between both parties. We love to partner with personal development focused people who truly understand why children’s education is important. We love people with passion. We love people with an energy for life. We love people that lead with kindness. We love people with a drive. We take the whole picture of a person into account when evaluating a candidate and before awarding a franchise.

The selection of new MakerKids Franchisees is an important decision involving an extensive interview/approval process. For mutual success and satisfaction, we must ensure that each Franchisee possesses the necessary entrepreneurial drive, management skills, financial means and dedication that are required in today’s competitive market. In the MakerKids system, the selection of the best people followed by a comprehensive training program and ongoing operational and marketing support has allowed the chain to continue its expansion and remain as the leading chain of makerspaces for kids. The acceptance of an application should not be construed as an approval or future guarantee of becoming a MakerKids Franchisee.

Does MakerKids Help With Site Selection?

Yes! In fact, we do not allow you to sign for a retail space until it has been approved, and sometimes visited, by someone on our team. We are extremely involved in not only the site selection process, but will work closely with your real estate broker during the LOI and lease negotiations.

How Long Does the Process Take to Get My MakerKids Location Open?

We require that a store must be open within 9 months of signing your franchise agreement. Often the leasing process takes up the bulk of this time, so the quicker this gets started, the sooner you will get open.

Do You Award MakerKids Franchises to Only Owner/Operators or Can Solely I Be An Owner?

We require all of our owners to be very present, hands on and involved. This could equate to be 40+ hours a week for the first 6-9 months.

Does MakerKids Help With Obtaining Funding?

Yes! We can connect you with several 3rd party financing companies that can help with funding your MakerKids store.

Can I Buy a MakerKids Franchise In A Market That I Don’t Live In?

Yes, although we believe it is very important that you have ties to the market that you are entering because our brand is so focused on integrating into the communities that they serve. It is always best to own a store where you reside, but we will work with you creating a plan for successfully owning a location outside of where you reside. This is very situational and has to be a good fit.

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