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Your dream job awaits. You’ve learned about the power of MakerKids. Now it’s your turn to inspire others. MakerKids Program Franchise is a proven education and business model designed to empower kids, inspire the community and teach leading edge STEM programs.

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1 of the Top 10 Awesome Birthday Party Places in Toronto

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“MakerKids is teaching Toronto children to ‘design the future'”

Article by the Canadian Franchise Association:

Jennifer Turliuk, MakerKids


“Our curriculum is all based on helping kids become the leaders of tomorrow.”

Jennifer Turliuk has always had a passion for technology. At just 12 years old, she coded her very first website for a school book report on Harry Potter. The website went viral, garnering hundreds of thousands of page views, and was even featured in a major children’s magazine. Experiencing that level of success at an early age was empowering, says Turliuk. “That was the moment when I realized I could do anything.”

Turliuk took that passion and continued to create. She attended business school at Queen’s University and was selected to attend NASA’s prestigious Singularity University, where she learned about exponential technologies like robotics and 3D printing, and how to apply those technologies to education. After this experience, Turliuk decided to start MakerKids to empower other young people to reach their potential through technology.

Based in Toronto, MakerKids offers programs, summer camps, and birthday parties for children aged eight to 12 on topics like coding, Minecraft, and robotics. With its innovative curriculum, MakerKids has caught the attention of media like Wired, Popular Science, and CTV News, and received accolades for its programs in Toronto Life and Today’s Parent.

Turliuk says MakerKids’ goal is simple: to move kids from consumers to creators. While technical skills are the primary focus, students come away with much more. “Our curriculum is all based on helping kids become the leaders of tomorrow,” says Turliuk. “Not only are we teaching them technology skills, we’re also teaching them skills like leadership, resilience, creativity, and more.”

Thousands of students have graduated from MakerKids, and many have gone on to start their own businesses or to present their projects on national television. Some have even reached out to Turliuk about opening their own MakerKids locations, which prompted Turliuk to consider franchising. “Once more than 50 people had reached out to us, we thought, ‘maybe this is something we want to consider,’” she says.

After hiring a franchise lawyer, developing operations manuals, and joining the Canadian Franchise Association, MakerKids is well positioned to begin franchising. The company already has potential franchisees interested in Ottawa and Calgary. Turliuk hopes to find the first franchisee by the end of the year, and to continue to grow steadily, providing more kids with the opportunity to learn, create, and be empowered.

 Why a MakerKids Franchise?

1. Strong international brand

MakerKids is the largest and most established makerspace franchise concept. Our passionate instructors and ever-evolving curriculum keep us in the headlines and top of mind with our devoted base of MakerKids fans across the world.

2. Robust support

We have experts to offer guidance in the areas of site selection, training, marketing, and consulting. Throughout the opening process and beyond, we are here to help. Plus, you can tap into our amazing network.

3. A growing industry

The extra-curricular industry has exploded in popularity as people seek a more personalized and enriched learning experience.
MakerKids provides the inspiration and community to motivate clients to keep coming back. The education service industry is one of the fastest growing segment in the franchise market due to the rise in popularity of parents who want to enrich their children’s STEM learning. Our cutting edge programs with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and high-tech making caters to this demand. MakerKids is the #1 service provider in this unique niche market.

4. A fulfilling career

Lead a purposeful, rewarding life by helping others create, achieve and celebrate their goals.

5. Multiple revenue streams

Between camps, weekly programs, parties and a growing demand for offsite programs, you have multiple revenue streams available to you as an owner.

6. Be your own boss and have a balanced lifestyle

Take control of your own success and have a ton of fun while you’re at it. Besides, where else can you wear a t-shirt and shorts to work? MakerKids provides the serious entrepreneur an easy, low cost way to gain entry into the children’s learning industry which is poised for serious growth.

7. Amazing Community

MakerKids staff, participants and parents are awesome – and it feels great to have a place where all three groups can feel at home and meet each other.

8. Awesome Space

One of the nicest things about owning your own MakerKids location? While many franchise concepts take a “cookie cutter” approach to construction and design, there are plenty of opportunities to put your own personal touch on your MakerKids location. Take a virtual tour of our flagship location and get a feel for how you can make the space your own.

9. We’ve Figured Things Out For You

We know how to do this. We started the first and largest makerspace for kids in the world, and have been running successfully for 6 years. We’ve figured this out while many other people’s attempts have failed and closed down.

10. Get In at the Ground Floor

This is an opportunity to get in at the ground floor of an exciting opportunity. As an early franchisee, you’ll get way more time from headquarters staff than will our 100th franchisee.


The Franchise Process

1. Do your research

Browse the website and reach out if you have any questions. Take in what it means to own a MakerKids makerspace and make sure you’re ready to take your love for making to the next level.

2. Take the leap and apply

Fill out our Franchise Application. If you haven’t already talked to our team, now’s the time to schedule a call and request an application.

3. Interview in person

If approved for an interview with our corporate team, you’ll schedule a trip to Toronto, Canada within a month. You’ll need to come prepped with a business plan to wow us.

4. Sign the papers

If chosen to move forward as a franchisee, sign an agreement with MakerKids within two weeks of approval. You’re on the way to opening your makerspace doors.

5. Let the work begin

There’s a lot that goes into opening a makerspace, but we’ll guide you along the way. Some of the highlights are finding your perfect location, hiring and training a team, and getting the word out in your community. We are here to help.

6. Open your MakerKids makerspace!

It usually takes around three to six months from signing the agreement to opening your makerspace doors. Get ready to make!

Setting up a MakerKids Franchise


Mission Statement
Our mission, in partnership with every Franchisee and Team Member, is to transform learning by providing amazing interest-driven STEM programs to help kids and educators move from being consumers to creators. We foster leadership by celebrating people’s strengths and emphasizing process over product. 

Our History
The MakerKids chain was founded in 2010 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The chain’s focus on interest-driven STEM learning programs, great service and fostering 21st century skills and technological skills has allowed it to grow into the first and largest makerspace for kids in the world, specializing in camps, weekly programs, parties and events that empower kids to be the leaders of tomorrow. The first MakerKids location offered many different topics, equipment and materials. The most popular programs were Robotics, Coding and Minecraft. These remain three of the most popular programs today. In addition to our regular standalone MakerKids Makerspace, MakerKids programs can also be found at schools, community events, conferences and more, providing prominent visibility for the chain. Most MakerKids programs are for kids ages 8-12, catering to the digital native youth of today. MakerKids is currently franchising MakerKids Makerspaces and associated remote program/event services. Thousands of kids have participated in MakerKids programs, and tens of thousands of kids have participated in MakerKids activities at events.

Franchise Program
Franchise cost: $30,000CAD* plus all applicable taxes Additional working capital: (start-up costs) $100,000 (unencumbered) The franchise cost must be unencumbered (cash or liquid assets) in addition to the $100,000 working capital that must also be unencumbered. This remaining amount may be financed through various lending programs offered by the chartered banks, providing, of course, the candidate meets the normal borrowing requirements. The specific cost of MakerKids startup costs will depend upon the MakerKids building size and the required furnishings and equipment to be installed. The cost of MakerKids startup costs may exceed $100,000 in certain locations due to higher development costs.

*Subject to change without notice

Selection Process
The selection of new MakerKids Franchisees is an important decision involving an extensive interview/approval process. For mutual success and satisfaction, we must ensure that each Franchisee possesses the necessary entrepreneurial drive, management skills, financial means and dedication that are required in today’s competitive market. In the MakerKids system, the selection of the best people followed by a comprehensive training program and ongoing operational and marketing support has allowed the chain to continue its expansion and remain as the leading chain of makerspaces for kids. The acceptance of an application should not be construed as an approval or future guarantee of becoming a MakerKids Franchisee.

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