At MakerKids, we know that kids love Minecraft. That’s one of the reasons why we have an entire program devoted to it. One of the reasons why kids love it so much is because of the fun and colorful characters. No wonder why so many kids choose Minecraft as their party theme! If you’re throwing a Minecraft party this winter, we’ve got you covered. We’ve scoured the internet in search of the best Minecraft Party Ideas out there. Take a look!

The Invitations

If you’re going to throw a Minecraft party, you need to have some cool invitations. While you could go out and buy your invitations, you can also make them at home to give them a personalized feel. You can find plenty of templates to download when you’re looking for Minecraft party ideas. These will have tons of patterns for you to customize with your favorite Minecraft characters along with your child’s name and party info.

The Decorations

To give your party that Minecraft feeling, you need to have the right decorations. Pop into your local party store for a wide assortment of plates, napkins, and decorations to hang on the wall. You can even make a fun party backdrop where your pint-sized guests can take fun photos and selfies.

Fun Party Activities

Once you have your invitations and decorations set, it’s time to plan fun party activities for your guests.

Minecraft Cookies

We love the idea of decorating your own Minecraft cookies. Grab some Minecraft cookie cutters and get baking! Buy frosting and decorations and let your guests have at it!

Minecraft Swords

Another fun idea we came across is to make Minecraft swords. You can use a printable like this one for a guide. Your guests will love the idea that they get to go home with their own sword!

Creeper Balloons

Grab some helium balloons from your local party store and some black markers and you’re ready to make creeper balloons with your guests. Just make sure they don’t press down too hard and pop their balloon!

Minecraft Bingo

When it comes to Minecraft Party Ideas, you can’t go wrong with Minecraft bingo, just as long as the prize is Minecraft-themed. You can print out game sheets inexpensively and grab Minecraft items for the prizes.

Make Your Own TNT

This can be a fun activity that kids can also take home as a party favor. Take some Twizzlers and cut them up. Print out some strips of paper that say “TNT”. Then, have your little guests band several together to make their own batch.

If you love these Minecraft party ideas and your child loves Minecraft, let them get involved with MakerKids. We have Minecraft programs that teach kids how computers and servers work. They work with kids who have the same interests as well as mentors who can guide children on their journey. For more information on Minecraft programs at MakerKids, call us today at 1-844-MAKERKIDS or check us out online.

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