As a parent, it’s important to expose your children to many different areas of interest to help them find their true passion. One area that cannot and should not be ignored is STEM, especially if you have a daughter.


Let’s consider the following statistics:

  • According to org, as of 2017, Canadian women made up only 22% of computer and jobs and just about 13% of engineering jobs.
  • Studies also show that Canadian women are less likely to pursue higher-paying STEM fields like engineering and computer sciences.
  • One last statistic to consider, when it comes to earnings, Canadian women earn just about 82% of the salary that their male counterparts make.

More women will be needed in the STEM field because it is exploding when it comes to the number of available jobs. The number of STEM jobs is expected to grow by nearly 10% by 2026 while a 7% job growth rate is expected in other fields.

These statistics illustrate the need for more girls STEM programs and the need to get girls interested in coding and other STEM topics. Girls need to learn that they can do the same job as a man and deserve to get paid the same. By introducing STEM programs at an early age, you’re laying the foundation for a successful career path.

At MakerKids, girls are being introduced to coding and other STEM fields through various programs and camps.

At the new MakerKids location in Leaside, two female students worked together on creating a “smart house”. Eight-year-old Dylan and her friend made a house that is fully equipped with lights and a buzzer that they learned how to code all by themselves. The house also has a bed and a TV.

In a separate project, the girls also made an elevator. It has a motor that they coded so that it spins. They can also control how far the elevator goes up and down. Both of their projects were featured on Breakfast Television. You can watch it here!

If you want to give your child the opportunity to have successful projects like Dylan her friend, contact MakerKids today. Check out the programs online or call today at 1-844-MAKERKIDS to get your child started on the path to STEM success.

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