Here at MakerKids we know that behind every Maker Kid is a Maker Mom – and this week (being the week of Mother’s Day) we are celebrating them even more than usual (we always try to celebrate them):


Here are some great videos from some Maker Moms we have met, telling us how they foster making with their kids.

The first is from Julie Williams-Hudy, the mother of Joey Hudy – an awesome 16-year-old maker we met at Maker Faire Rome who created a marshmallow cannon that he got to shoot in the White House with Obama. Joey and Julie have been kind enough to donate products to MakerKids, such as the awesome Maker Mom sticker you see above. Here is Joey’s website:

The second is from Karen Mikuni (who we also met at Maker Faire Rome), mother of Quin – a 13-year-old CEO of his own maker company, Qtechknow:

We have two opportunities this week for kids to make presents at our space for Mom before Mother’s Day: Open Make on Friday from 4:30-7:30PM, and Open Make on Saturday from 11AM-2PM. Details and registration are at and We will also be at Intel Family Day at Digifest this weekend, doing a robotics workshop, and a free 3D printing booth. Kids can come 3D print something for their Mom for free!

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