Holiday shopping can get stressful if you’re shopping for that “it” gift of the season, only to know that by next year your child will have forgotten all about it. That’s why it’s much better to look for gifts that have some shelf life if you will. We’re talking about holiday gift ideas that will grow with your child.

One idea is to give gifts that promote a love of STEM. These don’t have to be expensive or elaborate gifts. They can be simple gifts that ignite the spark that will promote a love of STEM.

Let’s take a look at some ideas for inspiration…

Holiday Gift Ideas: Age-Appropriate Building Sets

You can tailor this gift to the child’s age. For the younger set, simple building blocks will do. But for the older crowd, ages 8 and up, you can get more sophisticated building sets like a working wooden Ferris wheel set where kids not only learn how to build but also how to set things in motion.

There are also other sets that teach building and other STEM-related skills. The Gravitrax allows kids to experiment with gravity, magnetics, as well as building skills.

Holiday Gift Ideas: Introduce Robotics in a Fun Way

Many kids are interested in robots because let’s face it, they’re cool! But, instead of just playing with them, why not let your children learn how to build them. There’s a great book called The Bot Book that teaches kids how to make all kinds of robots. They’re simple projects that pack a lot of punch because kids not only learn but can also play with their creations.

Holiday Gift Ideas: Science Sets

Kids love to use their hands with interactive toys. That’s why a science set that includes all kinds of experiments always makes a great holiday gift. The Mind Blowing Science Kit is often a favorite because it contains the basics so they can explore everything from chemical reactions to science tools.

Holiday Gift Ideas: Let Kids Experience STEM-Related Programs

If you’re not sure what STEM area your child would be most interested in, why not let them experience it first hand? This holiday season, you can give your child or another child on your list, the gift of MakerKids. At MakerKids, children can learn about robotics, coding, and even the ins and outs of Minecraft. By giving them the experiences that are offered at MakerKids, you may help them find a new passion that they can carry with them their entire lives.

For more information on giving the experience of MakerKids this holiday season, call MakerKids at 1-844-MAKERKIDS or check us out online.

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