When you spend time with a child, isn’t it amazing how creative they can be? They can look at something so simple as a blank piece of paper and come up with five different uses for it. That’s one of the many joys of being a child!

So, why can’t we be the same way? As adults, we tend to only think of one way to do something. When it doesn’t work, we tend to give up. Sound familiar? 

If you want to think more like a child and be more creative, there are things you can do to turn things around. We scoured some sources and discovered some interesting suggestions to help you think more like a child. Check them out if you want to give your creativity a boost!

think like a child

Envision Positivity 

Many times, seeing something come to fruition is key to making it happen. Write a detailed description of what your idea looks like in a positive light. Post what you’ve written where you can see it. Your fully thought-out, fully positive vision can become a weapon against negativity, helping your creativity come to light.

Distinguish Between Fear and Anxiety

Have you ever noticed that kids are fearless? As adults, we become fearful and anxious. Distinguish between fear and anxiety to help get your kid-thinking back once again.

Set a Timer

This may sound a little strange but when you’re trying to accomplish something, set a timer for three minutes. Start with a small piece of the task within that time. We start thinking that we can’t do something when we start thinking about the possible consequences. As we shift from worrying to acting, we can stop negative comments and thoughts and let our creativity shine.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

child asking questions

Kids ask a lot of questions, right? That’s how they gain knowledge and start to become more creative. As an adult, don’t be afraid to ask questions! There’s no such thing as a dumb question! Asking that “dumb question” can make the difference between a creative idea popping up and not being a thought at all.

Listen to That Little Voice in Your Head

You may get an idea in your head and decide to shut it down before it gets time to grow. Instead, listen to that little voice in your head and explore that idea. See where it can take you. This is a great way to explore your creativity rather than squashing an idea even before it gets off the ground.

Worry Less and Do More

Another way you can become more creative and think like a child is to worry less and do more. Adults often spend more time worrying and less time doing. If you can reverse that, you’ll start to see yourself becoming more creative. 

Don’t Be Afraid of Trying New Things

You can be more creative if you’re not afraid of trying new things. When you close your mind to new ideas and experiences, you can’t expect yourself to be creative. But, when you’re open, the possibilities are endless!

Spend More Time with Kids

If you want to think like a child and be more creative, hang out with kids more! See what makes them tick and how they get their creative juices flowing. You may learn a thing or two!

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