Some kids have a natural interest in coding, robotics, and other STEM topics, while others may have gotten a taste of a subject and then wanted to learn more. But, there is another group who may see a problem or issue in the world and want to try to solve it.

Many of the world’s issues and problems can be solved by putting STEM-based knowledge to work. There are 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that address the most important economic, social, environmental, and governance challenges of our time. They have been negotiated at the United Nations with much input from the public. Many children may not be aware of what these are, but if we educate them, they may find ways to overcome these challenges with the help of STEM.

Let’s take a look at a few of these areas.

Good Health & Well Being

Being healthy and staying healthy is a goal that people of all ages should have. There are many ways that STEM topics like coding and robotics can help in the medical field. From robotic limbs to programs to help people keep track of their daily steps and other fitness information, there is a definite place for “maker” topics to help in the medical field.

Clean Water & Sanitation

Clean water and proper sanitation is something that everyone should have access to. Unfortunately, we know this is not a standard everywhere. There are children who see this or who may be impacted by it and want to improve the standards. Through the help of engineering programs, kids can brainstorm ways to change the status quo. Knowing that they have the power to change problems that impact so many can be motivating enough to keep them on the path to achieving their goal.

Reduced Inequalities

In a “maker” environment everyone is equal. For children who may feel that they are not looked at equally in other settings, getting involved in a STEM-based program can help. At MakerKids, all students are treated equally and learn from one another. There is a mutual respect between all students and mentors that creates a wonderful learning environment. Through taking part in “maker” programs, kids have a better understanding of how to treat others equally.

Affordable & Clean Energy

Whether it’s through wind turbines or solar energy, there are many ways that cleaner energy can be produced. As kids become more aware of the environment and ways that cleaner energy can be made, they will learn how STEM-related topics can help to achieve this goal. They may come up with more efficient wind turbines or a robotic twist on solar panels. Who knows?

These are just a few of the Sustainable Development Goals that can be impacted by kids getting involved in STEM and “maker” based programs. At MakerKids, students are encouraged to think out of the box to improve the status quo. There may be obstacles along the way, but there are certainly no limits at MakerKids. For more information on our programs, call us at 1-844-MAKERKIDS or check out our programs online.

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