When it comes to building math skills, getting your child involved in a STEM program can be one of the best ways to boost those skills and improve their grades. Math skills are vital in many of the activities that those programs include. Let’s take a look at how STEM programs can help build math skills for your child.

STEM Makes Math Skills Come to Life

It’s one thing to practice computation skills in a classroom on a worksheet and get all of the answers right. But, it’s an entirely different scenario to see apply those skills to figure out a computer program or build something in a robotics class. This allows children to see that the math skills they’re learning in class can be applied to things in the real world. Many kids need this connection to become more interested in math. The more interested they become, the more they’ll excel in the classroom.

STEM Encourages Problem-Solving Skills

Being able to apply math skills to real-world problems is a skill that kids learn in STEM programs. Knowing basic math is essential to solving some of the problems that STEM programs present. STEM programs can build math skills as students learn to code as well as with robotics programs.

STEM Programs Teach Kids That Math is a Language

For many kids, math is just a subject they have to take in school. STEM programs teach children that math is a language that needs to be learned to do cool science experiments, build bridges, and make many other discoveries. When kids begin to grasp that concept, their interest in math can grow, which will help them succeed in a STEM program while improving their grades.

STEM Programs Can Teach Advanced Math Skills

Many STEM programs require geometry and algebra skills that kids may have not learned yet in school, depending on their age. By getting them involved in a STEM program at a young age, you are exposing them to these skills, which will give them a leg up on the competition in the classrooms. They will already be familiar with some of the skills when they are introduced at school.

If you want to see STEM programs in action and how they apply math skills, check out MakerKids. Our robotics, coding and Minecraft programs all incorporate math skills and show kids how they can be used in the real world. For more information, check out the programs for kids in grades 1-8 online or call us at 1-844-MAKERKIDS.

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