Choosing a summer camp for your child isn’t easy. Believe it or not, now is the time to start thinking about where to send your child. The most popular summer camps tend to fill up quickly. You want to find a camp one that meets all of your logistical requirements, but more importantly, one that your child will love. If you’ve been asking people how to find a STEM camp near me, here are some tips to get you moving in the right direction.

Do You Want a Camp That Focuses on One Area or Multiple Areas?

This is a big one and can narrow down your choices greatly. Decide if your child is looking for a camp that only focuses on robotics or one that offers programs in different areas. There are STEM camps that offer kids a wide variety of programs so that they can get exposed to everything. Ask your child what their interest is and go from there.

Ask About the Learning Environment

While camp should be fun, you also want your child to learn something in the process. Ask the following questions about the learning environment at the STEM camp you’re researching.

  • How many kids are in a group?
  • Are they all the same age?
  • How many mentors are assigned per group?
  • What is the rundown of the day?
  • What types of projects are done?

These are just some of the questions you’ll want to ask when looking for a STEM camp this summer.

Is There a STEM Camp Near Me That Offers Afterschool Programs?

If you’re unsure if your child will like the STEM camp, see if there are afterschool programs offered that you can enroll them in before the summer. This way they can get a taste of the program before making a lengthy and costly commitment to summer camp.

Many places that offer STEM camps also offer afterschool programs so it’s definitely worth asking. See if your child can test out different STEM topics so that they can really zero in on what they want to focus on at camp.

Look into the Quality of the Counselors and Mentors

When looking for a STEM summer camp, you want to find one that employs talented mentors and counselors. You want people with experience in the field and those who are good with children to be at the camp.

Visiting the facility and meeting with the staff is a good way to determine if the camp would be a good fit for your child. Bring them along if possible. Sometimes they make an immediate connection with an adult. This could be a good indicator that you’ve chosen the right STEM camp.

Sign Up for Summer STEM Camp at MakerKids!

If you’ve been asking, is there a STEM camp near me this summer, the answer is yes! MakerKids offers two convenient locations for STEM summer camp sessions. Our program includes programs in robotics, coding, and Minecraft. Let your child explore STEM this summer at MakerKids! Call us today at 1-844-MAKERKIDS for more information.



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