Are you stuck trying to invent something? Perhaps you’re struggling coming up with a project idea or how to invent something!

We’re here to help! A big thanks goes out to Jim, who created this How to Invent Guide!

How to Invent Using 4 Simple Steps 

Got a problem that needs an invention? Need to change or improve something, or just have a wild idea for something new? Try these steps for inventing:

1. Brainstorm lots of ideas to solve the problem. The more the better. The ideas can be far out, silly, really big or small, or hard to make. Write them all down in a notebook. Don’t toss out any ideas.

2. Refine your ideas. Look them all over.  Follow the ideas to more and better ones. Combine ideas.  See which ones are practical, easy to make, and are the simplest solutions. Choose the best.

3. Plan – make a sketch, figure out the steps (and in what order) needed to make it. Write down what tools, equipment and skills do you need, and how you get them. Plan when and where.

4. Execute your plan. Build your invention. Try it out, see what others think. Modify your plan – Don’t be afraid to change it a lot, if that makes it better.

For the detailed How To Invent guide, you can download this pdf which also contains resources put together by Jim.

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