Online and virtual classes are nothing new. But, many kids have recently just tried them for the first time due to the COVID-10 pandemic. As many activity centers are forced to close their doors, parents are turning to online classes that kids can do in the safety of their own homes.

This has created a great opportunity for kids learning to code for the first time. Since they have a general interest in the subject area, you already know it’s going to be something they should enjoy. But, how do you make it fun or make sure you’re choosing a program that is helping to make it fun for them? Here are some ideas:

Choose Interesting Projects

Ask your child what types of projects they want to learn to code. Then ask their instructor if this is possible. If so, you’ve already won half the battle. If a child can choose a project rather than being told what to do, they’ll be more likely to do it because it’s something they find interesting.

Many programs encourage this because it not only keeps kids engaged but also encourages them to use their creativity.

Encourage Them to Work with Their Peers

Although coding can be an individual activity, it’s great for kids to have the opportunity to bounce ideas off other kids and spend time with like-minded peers. Even though classes are done online, there is still a community there that enjoys this type of activity. Encourage your kids to find peers who have the same interests. This will help to make it a fun experience for everyone.

Choose a Program with Engaging Instructors

We’ve all been in that one class where the teacher or instructor was like watching paint dry. If your child is learning to code online and has an instructor who is not making things interesting, they will lose interest themselves. They won’t find coding fun and may even decide to quit because they’re so bored. You certainly don’t want this to happen. This is why it’s important to choose a program with engaging instructors.

Show Them Fun Completed Projects

Sometimes it can be difficult for kids to keep their eye on the prize. They may lose steam if they think it’s going to be too difficult to get to the finish line. By showing them fun, completed projects, they can see that the result is something fun and cool.

MakerKids Helps to Make Learning to Code Online Fun!

At MakerKids, we know how important it is to make learning to code online fun for kids. That’s why we encourage our students to be as creative as they can, developing their ideas for projects. With the help of our interesting and motivating mentors, they will certainly see how learning to code online can be fun. Call us today at 1-844-MAKERKIDS or visit us online to see what we have to offer!

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