These days many kids are more tech-savvy than their parents. While parents may be excited to know their children are interested in technology, they also need to make sure their child is using the internet safely.

Here are some questions to ask to make sure your children are being as safe as they online.

Do you incorporate family time with technology?

Who says using the internet has to be something your child does alone? You can make it a family activity as well by having your child show you their latest accomplishment in Minecraft or explain a coding program they are working on. Just be sure all of that screen time doesn’t replace family time when you are talking with your children.

Does your child overshare online?

Children are innocent and may not see the danger of giving someone their address or phone number. As adults, we know this is never a good idea. Before your child logs on, make sure they know to never give out information that would let strangers find them.

Does your child share passwords?

A friend today can become an enemy tomorrow with kids. While they may not see a problem in sharing a password with a friend right now, if that friendship ends, that password may not be safe anymore. Encourage your children to keep passwords to themselves, sharing them with only you, of course.

Do you monitor your child’s internet activity?

Your child may think you’re spying on them when we all know you are monitoring their activity for their own safety. Part of monitoring is also blocking them from using certain sites you don’t want them to access. You should be aware of what pages your child is visiting and what programs they are using.

At MakerKids we teach the principles of internet safety and help to make sure kids are following good guidelines. We know how educational the internet can be and how kids can use it to their benefit to help open new worlds.

When it comes to online activity that can educate and enrich your child’s life, MakerKids offers several different programs. From coding from kids to Minecraft courses, MakerKids teaches skills your child can use their entire lives. Call MakerKids today at 877-269-3498 or fill out our online form.

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