There are two emerging skill sets kids need to learn in order to have an edge in today’s job market and environment. Both can be considered “21st century skills.”

  1. Technical skills like coding, robotics, and STEM.
  2. Soft skills like learning to speak in front of a group and work as a team.

But why are these skills so important?

Because everything is becoming digital, and in a world where everything is digital, people skills are becoming more and more rare.

STEM skills increase chances of getting a job and achieving a career

Starting in 2010 and increasing through 2020, STEM-related jobs will increase 14%.

Additionally, roughly 38% of companies say that over half of their employees lack basic STEM skills, so there is a definitely need for these talents.

By placing your child in extracurricular activities that promote learning STEM skills at a young age, you’re improving their chance of getting a job when they grow up.

Code is a universal language

While people across the world may not speak the same language, code is the same almost everywhere.

What this means for your child is that they can get a job almost anywhere if they know how to code. Even working for a company overseas from your home is becoming common place.

If you want your child to learn how to code, but aren’t sure where to start, take a look at some of our after-school coding camps.

Soft skills really make the difference

There’s a concept coined by Jeff Olson called the “slight edge”. Basically, Jeff says that having a slight edge up over your competition is the difference between massive success and failure.

A slight edge simply means putting in a little bit of extra work, every day, to become exponentially better over a long period of time.

A programmer with a knack for talking to people and leading a team will always be hired over one who doesn’t cooperate well, no matter how talented they may be. Soft skills are a programmer’s slight edge. And in all industries, being able to work with others, whether it is digitally or in an office, is key to effective creativity and innovation.

Wondering how to help your children develop these soft skills? The easiest way is to put them in a team setting early and often to expose themselves to new settings, activities and topics.

Our programs offer your kids the ability to learn STEM skills, programming, and robotics in a team setting where they can also learn to lead and communicate.

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