When children take an interest in coding and STEM, it’s important to offer them a wide variety of options so that they can succeed. While schools may touch on these subjects, additional coding classes and activities are typically needed to foster that interest and allow children to thrive.

That’s where MakerKids comes in. At MakerKids, children can choose from coding classes for kids, robotics classes, and even Minecraft courses for kids. The possibilities are endless and so are the possibilities for you if you are considering becoming a MakerKids franchise owner.

We have built programs that kids love and want to come back to. MakerKids also implements a learning strategy that is in line with universities who have moved away from specific languages like Ruby and toward more general concepts of learning to code.

This forward way of thinking is one of the many things that have helped to make MakerKids the success that it is today. Becoming a franchise owner allows you to become part of the success that MakerKids has achieved and the success of so many children. Knowing that you are truly affecting a child’s life in a positive way is a rewarding way to make a living.

Owning a MakerKids franchise also provides you with a wonderful working environment that’s fun and casual. Leave the suit and tie at home! If you’re a serious entrepreneur, MakerKids is an easy, low-cost way to get into the children’s learning industry which is in line for some serious growth.

With a three-month parent commitment, you will also begin to see monthly recurring revenue. You will also benefit from multiple revenue streams when you become an owner. Besides weekly programs, there are camps, parties and the growing demand for off-site programs.

When you sign on to a MakerKids franchise, you receive a proprietary online curriculum platform developed by a curriculum writer who has written for science camps at Queen’s University and the City of Toronto. You will also receive our own branded kits. Both of these will help guide you with your new franchise. Watch children reach their goals as you reach yours too! Everyone wins when you start a MakerKids franchise.

Are you ready to join the largest and most established makerspace franchise concept? For more information on starting your own MakerKids franchise, call MakerKids at 877-269-3498 or fill out our online form. Get a fulfilling career by starting a MakerKids franchise!

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