Summer camp time is here and if you haven’t signed up your child for an exciting camp adventure, there are still many opportunities that are open to them. If your child enjoys playing the popular game Minecraft, why not enroll them in a Minecraft camp? Yes, it’s a thing, and it’s very popular for many reasons!

MakerKids offers Minecraft camps and much more to keep your child busy this summer.  We’re going to share some exciting benefits that these camps offer so you can jump aboard one of the hottest camps in town this summer!

Minecraft camp

What Do Children Learn at Minecraft Camps?

Minecraft allows players to roam freely in a three-dimensional environment where they learn how to survive and create structures from their imaginations. This allows children to have a unique experience because children learn how to work together to reach a common goal. They also realize the sky’s the limit!

When children play Minecraft, they are learning real world technical skills through Redstone, which deals with principles of electricity and coding while having fun at camp. Minecraft also puts their design skills to the test as they learn how to collaborate with a team of their peers.

With Minecraft, children are always being challenged to discover something new. This helps to keep boredom at bay because they’re constantly creating. Just when they think they’ve discovered it all, there is something new. This is one of the reasons why Minecraft camp is better than a traditional camp, especially for children who always like new adventures. There is always something waiting around the corner with Minecraft.

Minecraft camp goes far beyond playing the game. It can be a highly successful tool used to build and craft creativity, as well as communities where children can learn valuable skills they can apply to their daily lives. At Minecraft camp at MakerKids, kids get the best of both worlds. They not only get to learn technical skills through immersive, imaginative world of Minecraft, but there are also many chances to get outside and get plenty of exercise. This provides both mental and physical stimulation, which is something that pure sports camps cannot offer.

Benefits of Minecraft Camps

minecraft camp

When children take part in Minecraft camps, they are also picking up valuable skills that they may not even be aware of as they’re playing. Many parents can appreciate these skills because they will help kids well after their camp experience is over.

At MakerKids, our camps are inclusive to all types of learners. Since we focus on Minecraft, our camps cater to children who love to spend time immersing themselves in a variety of STEM topics.

Here are some other benefits Minecraft camps have to offer:

Problem-Solving Skills

Children have to make decisions about . By being in the driver’s seat, they learn how to solve problems and create new experiences. When kids are taking part in Minecraft camp, they learn how to solve technical problems that can arise by using geometry and other math skills as well as command blocks.

They also learn how to make changes to the appearance, shape, and logic to aspects of the game should problems arise. There is no limit to changes that can be made, which allows children to continue to work on their problem solving until they get it right.

Social Skills

Many people have the misconception that computer games can’t promote social skills. That is anything but the truth when it comes to Minecraft! Campers interact with other children with similar interests to design a world of infinite possibilities. They learn how to work with kids at different skill levels to achieve their goals. They have a chance to build friendships that can last a lifetime with other kids who like Minecraft just as much as them!

Supports Educational Skills

Parents will be pleased to learn that Minecraft can help to support educational skills. Children may not even realize it, but they are applying math skills as they do tasks such as calculating the cost of resources. They also are enhancing their reading and writing skills as they pay attention to any written instructions they come across. They also take part in an in-game text chat function that can help them with their writing skills.

Minecraft Camps at MakerKids

Minecraft Camps at MakerKids can be described in one word…awesome! During our camps, kids learn how computers and servers work, as well as core computer programming while working with peers who have the same love for Minecraft! Kids learn positive netizen skills and learn how to build amazing digital creations as well.

Our Minecraft camps go well beyond the screen with breaks, games, and park time built into the day so kids can use their imagination, get exercise, and have fun! Our Minecraft camp is designed for children in grades 1-2, and 3-8.

If your child is ready to take the leap into Minecraft camp, contact the team at MakerKids today. We can’t wait to make this a summer to remember for your child!

Maybe add a benefit that our camps are inclusive to everyone – all types of learners. And caters to the children who prefer to immerse themself in a STEM world to learn exciting new tech skills over other traditional camps.

Can you relate this more to the problem solving they would have to do in tech? And tie in more relatable technical learning to the benefits section: use our website page to assist in coming up with what to include:

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