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    Join our Award-Winning Kids Programs:
    Robotics, Coding or Minecraft

    Your child will learn the foundations of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), while building key social and change-making skills.

    Coding Programs for Kids

    Coding Programs

    Grades 3-5 & 6-8

    Coding is an important language to learn. With the demand for STEM workers continuing to increase, learning coding from an early age is a sure way to gain an advantage in today’s competitive career world. Kids code games, websites and more. They learn how computers work, exercise creativity by coming up with ideas for how their project will look and feel, and build resilience and perseverance when trouble-shooting their code.

    Kids will learn everything they need to know to code their very own game: character development, storyboarding, animation, environment and level design, beta testing and, of course, coding.

    Skills Learned: Resilience, Confidence, Internet Safety, Logic, Game Design, Beta-Testing

    Robotics Programs

    Grades 1-2, 3-5 & 6-8

    Design the world around you! In our Robotics programs, kids will design, plan, program, and build electronic inventions while using an electronic robotics microcontroller and learning how to code. Kids will better understand how everyday objects around them work and will have the opportunity to bring their ideas to life.

    The microcontrollers we use are used by industry professionals.

    Kids make electronic creations that they previously could have only dreamed of. Code a ‘robot brain’ to make something awesome. Kids get to see the results of their code right before their eyes. They realize that they can make things that others can use. Kids exercise creativity by developing project ideas, learn to design projects for specific user needs, and give and receive feedback on their designs

    Skills Learned: Self-Confidence, Creativity, Teamwork, Coding, Electronics, Math, Reading, Writing, Design

    Minecraft Programs

    Grades 3-5 & 6-8

    In our Minecraft programs, kids learn how to make Minecraft even more awesome, how computers and servers work, and core computer programming concepts while collaborating with kids equally excited about Minecraft.

    We use the incredibly popular game Minecraft (now a mandatory school subject in Finland) as a medium to help kids build transferable skills such as coding, electronics, 3D design, servers, and more. We leverage kids’ interest in Minecraft as a gateway to introduce them to other STEM topics such as Robotics and Coding. Minecraft is also a great medium for teaching positive netizen skills and communication skills. Kids build amazing digital creations.

    Skills Learned: Social Skills, Patience, Communication, Teamwork, Problem-Solving, Coding, 3D Design

    Mini MakerKids Programs

    Grades 1-2

    Welcome mini MakerKids! This program is designed for little ones who like to think big. Kids will learn how to create and make using various platforms and gadgets. Kids will be exposed to both technical and 21st-century skills, like creativity and confidence. Based on STEM education, kids will build a strong foundation for out-of-the-box thinking, coding and how computers work. Using logic and design, kids will make something amazing and out of this world.

    Kids will learn how to use key technology, like computers and pre-built robotics. Kids will touch on all our three core topics: coding, robotics and Minecraft. Key skills kids will learn include: design, the design process, game design, problem-solving and planning. Kids will create, experiment, adjust and retry. The fundamentals of electricity, energy, and programming (how computers think) will be covered in fun ways that kids get to see in action!

    Mini MakerKids introduces kids in grades 1 and 2 to our core technology topics: Coding, Robotics, and Minecraft. At our Mini MakerKids programs, your child gets to work on a variety of projects small groups. They will design their own video game, create robotic inventions, explore the 3D design world of Minecraft, and do design and experimentation. Each class your child will build on the skills they learned the week before, coming out of programs with transferable technical skills and social skills.

    The weekly cross-discipline exposure puts a focus on valuable skills and coming back to now familiar platforms each day allows kids to see real progress as their abilities grow.

    Skills Learned: Social Skills, Confidence, Design, Problem-solving, Game Design, Electronics and Planning

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    Accreditations, Awards & Recognitions

    Check out some of MakerKids’ recent awards!

    Set Your Child Up For Success with MakerKids

    STEM jobs are in demand. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Sergey Brin were all in technology camps or programs as kids. MakerKids is fun, educational and safe.

    Experienced & Vetted Instructors

    MakerKids has carefully screened and trained each Maker-Mentor to ensure they have proper STEM experience and knowledge to deliver results in a fun and safe environment.

    Learn more

    Real-World Skills

    MakerKids uses technology as a medium to help kids develop confidence, social skills, change-making abilities and a positive relationship with technology.

    Learn more

    Time-Tested Curriculum & Results

    MakerKids graduates have started businesses, been featured on TV, been published in magazines, and more. Our curriculum has been refined over 7 years by industry teachers and STEM experts.

    Learn more

    Programs and Camps in Bloor West Village, Toronto

    Your child will learn coding, robotics and Minecraft with MakerKids! We provide award-winning programs for kids from grade 1 to 8. Kids learn technical skills, interpersonal skills and 21st century skills to prepare them for the future ahead.

    Check out all our programs in Toronto

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    • Coding Programs

    • Robotics Programs

    • Minecraft Programs
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    Camps and Programs in Bloor West Village, Toronto

    2451 Bloor St W, Toronto

    Bloor and Jane (across from Jane subway station)

    Bloor West Village is an amazing neighbourhood with many shops, restaurants, and cafes to explore.

    Park: We take kids to a nearby family-friendly park called Etienne Brule Park.

    Public transit: MakerKids is easily accessible on the Bloor line, across from Jane station

    Driving: There is quick access from the Gardiner Expressway (exit at South Kingsway and just go north on South Kingsway).

    Parking: There is convenient parking in front of and beside our space.

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