The kids have all worked hard these past 10 weeks on their projects!

Our renovations finished up right at the end of the 10 week session. Just in time for the big show and tell!

Téa and Zoe made dresses. They used the whiteboard to explain their process. They designed the look of the dresses together, measured and cut the fabric, and sewed them on the sewing machines.

Alessandro made a working catapult. It uses surgical tubing to pull back the basket to hurl its object.

He also made a glow in the dark sword, using EL wire. It’s padded for safety, so he can whack people with it, too 🙂 In case they whack back, he made a shield, too.

Myles started off making a heart pump, but it morphed into a tornado generator! It uses a water pump at the bottom to pump water up and around the tube. Glitter in the water makes the water flow visible.

Tara made this awesome cyborg hand. The barber pole on the top spins around with a switch on the bottom to activate it. There is a wireless camera on the top that sends a video signal to her video goggles.



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