At MakerKids, we teach kids electronics, robotics, and more. A great first step is to build a remote control creature. Kids love making their very own remote controlled project that they can drive around and then take home.

MakerKids Electronics and Remote Control Robotics program: This program is great for beginners to electronics and robotics, and younger kids are welcome! Learn skills like wiring, working with motors, LED lights and more while working on a project that you design yourself! Build a wired remote controlled rover, contraption or creature of your very own using motors and LED lights, and take it home.

Spaces are limited.

“Thanks Makerkids for an amazing week of camp — we’ll be back!”

Here are some videos of the amazing robots that kids have created in MakerKids programs:

Bob the blob
Drawing robot
Darth Vader robot
Candy transporting robot

Cart with a pull trailer with sunglasses


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